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Happy Easter

Posted by Helen on March 27, 2016

I’ve always wanted to make Barbie a Princess Seamed Shift Dress,  this is the kind of dresses I often wore when I was young.

The cotton fabric was bought from eBay, the color is little too dark for spring, but here we are actually still in winter. its too cold to feel “Spring”

Here is my Funny Bunny:

Many people are disappointed that there would not be an Easter Barbie  in the “Holiday Hostess” Series,  “Shamrock celebrations” put the series to an end,   It would be a great challenge for any designers to come up with a “sellable” Easter design –when I say “sellable”, it means that at least 5,000 collectors  are willing to buy it and pay $75 for it. .   The “Happy New Year” hostess doll has been in the Barbie collector’s shop for years, price dropped from $75 to $49 ,  it explains why the series has come to a full stop.

I bought 2 dozens of mini chicks, they are so fluffy and adorable, but I forgot to take them out for Barbie to play, so… they will have to wait for another year to have their “photo session”.


5 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. Becky said

    Pretty, Helen…I like her dress too.

    Are folks just not buying the Holiday Hostess so that’s why they stopped?

    • helen said

      I think the price is too high, these dolls are not $75 dolls, if I had to pay shipping & tax, the total cost is nearly $100. I think these dolls should be under $39.99.

  2. Anonononon said

    Are we sure the Holiday Hostess line has ended? I mean it’s obvious they aren’t doing an Easter doll this year but could they have decided an Independence Day doll was more appropriate, being an election year and all. It wouldn’t be the first time they went out of order since the Thanksgiving one was released before the Halloween one.

    • helen said

      if you look at the clearance piles in BC store, you know the line has ended. Happy New year, Shamrock… prices dropped from $75 to $50, they are still not selling. the Cupid kisses has just sold out after discounted at $49.99. I personally think an independence doll would not do better than Valentine’s Day & New Year, b/c these 2 holidays are celebrated worldwide. they have larger market. There will be 6 “Barbie for president & vice president” playline dolls coming soon, these are more than enough for the election year.

      • Anonononon said

        So do you think Willows, WI is supposed to be the aesthetic replacement for the Holiday Hostess line? The same general “nostalgic Americana” theme but not tied to any specific holiday?

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