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Water Lily & Water Sprite

Posted by helen on February 22, 2016

I was asked if I was going to buy the Water Sprite doll, I said “No”.

The reason is very simple, she is $100, but the whole look is like an addition to the “Endless Hair Kingdom” Playline Dolls.

I probably would have liked her if her costumes were not made of cheapest sequined knit (3 yards for $1.00 in the mass market).
I m not a “the older the better” person when it comes to Barboe dolls, but in this Case, older dolls like “Water Lily”, “Reflection of Light”, are much better designs. the dolls are dressed to the theme.  The custom-printed fabric has beautiful textures and watercolors, they are “collectible”.  The designer does not have to tell you the doll’s name is “water lily” but you know it.  The “Water Sprite” doll has a tacky dress says nothing about “water Sprite”,   the dress looks like a part of  the”City Shine,  Metallic Collection”

if only the Water Sprite  Doll wore Water Lily    Doll’s dress…

the recent $100 Barbie dolls really don’t live up to their price tags.

Same As Water Lily, Water Sprite is a very common freshwater aquarium plant, also called Water Fern.  the pretty look of this plant should give any designers  some inspirations…

Endless Hair Kingdom  doll is $9.99 each:

All right, I m just going to show you a picture of the fabric swatches, the knit fabric on the left is what the Water Sprite Doll’s dress made of. the fabric on the right is Water Lily doll’s gown. I think back in the old days, Mateel took their design more seriously, so the fabric was custom-designed to fit the theme. Now Mattel & its design team only want to make the most Money without cost a thing.


8 Responses to “Water Lily & Water Sprite”

  1. I know what you mean. I do love her, but I like the, what would it be called, cartoony, fantasy stuff. I like the Endless Hair doll, my favorite is the purple one that you posted haha. I do agree that she is not what she could be or what she should be. And the price is far too high. As a collector doll, she does fall short. This should have been ‘the fancy special’ doll for the endless hair or fairytopia playline, I believe fairytopia had a special edition Barbie that was a bit nicer than playline but not collector series. That’s perhaps what she should have been. She would be very successful that way, every girl (and some boys like myself) would want to have her.

    • helen said

      I think the “Endless Hair” Purple doll has a less cartoony face than the Water Sprite. since she is $9.99, I wont even complain that “she is too plastic”, b/c the $100 Water Sprite is all “plastic” as well. I have Silver Label “FairyTopia Enchantress”, I also have Fairytopia Magical Mermaid Lea, I like them better. I would not be so harsh if the “Water Sprite” were $29.99, but she is $100, so we need to raise the bar higher: Mattel needs to put some efforts into the design & production. better fabric only raise a few cents, better facial screening costs no extra… since many people are extremely happy with this doll, I don’t think Mattel is motivated to make any improvements. I’ll use my $100 to buy 10 Playline dolls… lol

      • majormistakes said

        I only had Enchantress from “fancier” line and she is so pretty!
        I think that Water Sprite has wonderfull accessorizes- I mean- THAT headpiece! Those gauntlets! and horrible dress. I like the desogn of her shoes, tho not the colour they chose, would prefer more opaque.

      • helen said

        Really awful fabric for a $100 doll.
        dress fabric

    • helen said

      photos from Instagram http://photos-h.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xfp1/12797692_951025208278448_778680611_n.jpg

  2. Lori said

    Helen, I agree with you! I think this doll looks more like a playline doll and totally not worth the $!!!

    • helen said

      I was just thinking if the current Barbie collectors’ ages are much more younger than the collectors in 90s, so they like playline look and don’t care about nice materials or artistry. Honestly, I never read the backstage stories about these dolls, there are millions of better story writers out there, I have not got time to read them yet, why would I read what Barbie Designers wrote. just present a nice doll that sells itself.

    • helen said

      OMG, just saw IRL picture of her, what a disaster. this doll probably is going to be $49.

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