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2016 Poseable Silkstone

Posted by helen on February 16, 2016

Some people Love her, some people hate her, she is now up for you to  judge.

the main reason people don’t love her is  b/c her elbows look ugly. the way  how her forearms and upper arms are jointed is not the best, there must be better designs.

she is very skinny,  much more skinny than me for sure. lol   In the last few pictures,  she is wearing old silkstone’s Gloves. The gloves tightly fit the old Silkstone dolls, but  are way too big for her. so you know how skinny her arms are.

Here she comes!

In her Little Black Dress Robert Best designed for her. Many people think the dress is too modern, actually, this is a 1958 Dior surplice dress. then copied by many designers. perhaps the boots made the dress look modern

Belated Valentine’s Day Pictures:

Shop Till You Drop, and Go Green, too.

Browsing internet

Online Shopping

“A good Catch” LITTLE Tee

Grand Entrance

Its my party, please “Bear” with me, lol

her “poseability” is very limited. all the joints are very tight, maybe that’s b/c she is new. I am afraid I may break her legs & arms. a black rubber band is used to string her legs together, I am almost sure the rubber band will be broken as time goes by.

Mattel probably never dreamt that so many people would be so negative about this little doll. if you are a BFC member, you probably have read all the comments.

I am not a big fan of articulations, but I have all kinds of Mattel’s articulated dolls, from Model Muse Pivotal to Made to Move, I bought them all. but I don’t pose them much.


6 Responses to “2016 Poseable Silkstone”

  1. Becky said

    Thanks for reviewing her, Helen. Is she worth the price? Any other comments?

    • helen said

      Becky, she is $40, and she is a silkstone, so I think she is worth $40, but she has lots flaws, rough seams, knees don’t bend well.. and such. Mattel is not willing to make changes for better, that’s another reason so many people are not happy. you can read all the comments here: http://bit.ly/1PPrCPC

  2. Sandra said

    I had to think long and hard before deciding whether or not to buy this Silkstone. I have decided she is not for me, but I love the photos you’ve posted. I think this line can continue with articulation and can only improve from here. Thanks for all the great pics!

    • helen said

      you may buy her when her price drops. 🙂 I think these Modern Face molds should be used on BFMC poseable dolls. Many people simply don’t like the Vintage face mold. if Mattel uses modern faces and go with, contemporary fashion, it will gain more customer bases. The silkstone fashion has been super boring. the next two dolls in line “glam dress” & “trench coat” are really disappointing.

  3. Dee said

    If anything, she has a pretty face and it doesn’t look as mature as the previous silkstones. But Barbie’s original logo was “teenage fashion model;” so she’s getting back to her roots. She is the modern styles of today. Love the dress with the red hearts & that red teddy bear is the perfect accessory for it!

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