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lavender-Luxe Silkstone Barbie mermaid gown

Posted by helen on January 28, 2016

The last Silkstone doll I purchased was Lavender Luxe, she was $100 when I bought her in early Aug, 2015,  she was the last silkstone I purchased, I never bought her successor “Blush Beauty”, b/c I believe the quality isn’t there.

I felt foolish to pay $100 on a doll with such low quality, it happened to me so often,  but I still went ahead and brought her home ,  how silly?  I finally learned my lesson and did not buy any after this.

the lavender dress has 2 layers, the organza/tulle overlay is  smaller than the underneath layer  of polyester taffeta,  so the taffeta is all wrinkled, looks awful on the doll.

The 2 back panels are lopsided, one panel is much longer than the other,

if you close the snaps, this is how it looks:

Mattel’s workers really don’t care anything about “craftsmanship”,   I don’t have to mention the big head splayed legs…

b/c I wasn’t happy with what I got,  I bought my very first  Victoire Roux ( Monte Carlo )–I only wanted to see exactly how much better IT’s clothes are.  Yes, IT throws Mattel 10 blocks behind. Will I start collecting IT? No,  the looks & styles of IT’s dolls are not my cup of tea.   if only Barbie can manage to keep me… sigh.





9 Responses to “lavender-Luxe Silkstone Barbie mermaid gown”

  1. Becky said

    Thanks for keeping us informed, Helen.

  2. I was looking at her just a while ago in the catalog… She is the only recent one that I like, because her hair kind of covers the huge head, but I haven’t bought anything from them for myself in some time due to this level of lack of quality. I do like IT quality and some products. I wish Mattel would be as good, but as long as they have people buying their products, they know they can get away with it 😦

  3. Sandra said

    Helen, you know what a huge fan of Silkies I was. I had to stop buying them for things like this and many other reasons. I received a Victoire Roux (Montreal) in a trade and I really like her. I doubt I’ll ever buy one thought, but she adds variety to my collection. I’d like to see some pics of her in your beautiful gowns Helen.

    • helen said

      Sandra, I un-followed Barbie on Twitter this morning. I will focus on reorganizing my collections and start another run of “spring-clean”. the rule is “buy less, create more” –I’ll post my Victoire Roux when I fix her eyes. lol I disliked her eyes so much and I wiped them off… 🙂

  4. Susan Weeks said

    Wow. I’ve been on the fence re this doll but this pretty much cinches it. If the quality control is that sloppy on the dress, where else have they cut back. Oh, I know, the dolls’ haircuts are done by someone new to scissors, no jewelry, bad seams on the dolls’ body- and on and on. So sad to see.

  5. Romona said

    Mattel is breaking a lot of hearts….

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