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Pleasure In Play

Posted by helen on December 10, 2015

I see the grieving for not getting Andy Warhol doll continues  , and Ava Duvernay Doll Sales certinaly didn’t help,  only made the situation worse.

neither of the dolls bothered me,  they both wear day-in & day-out Street wears, so they are not what I like to collect or pay high price for . Didn’t Andy Warhol say “everyone must have a fantasy”,  Street Wears are just not my fantasy.

but I whipped up some similar pieces..

you don’t have to have every doll even its platinum, if you have tons of dolls at home, you need to play more, purchase less.. the pleasure is in play. of course, I can convince no one. b/c many people don’t play. the never remove their dolls from the box. (NRFB)

6 Responses to “Pleasure In Play”

  1. Melinda said

    I have many display dolls, but I also love to play. It’s what keeps me happy and I don’t even bother getting involved in trying to get the limited dolls these days. I have plenty!

    • helen said

      good for y0u, Melinda. Stress free! 🙂 I know many have lost sleeps to pursue platinum dolls but only get frustrations and disappointments instead of the dolls…

  2. Cute! Cute! CUTE!!!

    • Oops…I hit send too soon. I meant to also add that my fantasy is more of the everyday street wear…I am not into ball gowns and definitely not into the crazy fantasy stuff Mattel loves to do. Something for everyone when it comes to collecting. And I would rather be a Helen Doll Saga collector because your things are AMAZING!!!

  3. how do you do those cute sayings on the shirts…I know how to make shirts and photo fabric but onlow budget like to clean up old dolls too. Love your site. I got to go to Barbie convention last year as a guest so really had the BARBIE experience.Please keep sharing all your neat things. Barb graciebarbie@gmail.com

    • helen said

      you can buy t-shirt transfer papers to place this images on t-shirt. the papers are sold at Best-buy and many stores, you can find on Amazon, too. or use “google search” to find them. I have been to 7 Barbie Conventions, I don’t think I’ll keep going. Barbie Convention has become more & more expensive. I would rather buy more dolls instead of paying for convention.

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