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2015 URBFC Raffle Doll Barbie Stars in “Hamlet” as Ophelia

Posted by helen on July 9, 2015

Convention is fast approaching, for all you Raffle Room “Gamblers”, Here comes our Star who needs some of your Raffle tickets, of course, it only takes one ticket to win…

The 2015 convention theme is “A star is Barbie”, our Barbie stars in the “Hamlet”, the most popular play of all time.

The original doll was “Fiorella”, donated by our generous club member Cynthia , then, I had the honor to be her “Art Director”, “Stage Setup Manager”, “Costume Designer”, “Hair Stylist” “Makeup Artist” …. any other titles Have I missed? ooooh, I’m her “Travel Agent”, too, I’ll have to transport her to the Raffle room … 😦 but I am thinking to mail her to the hotel if it is safe..

so, the curtain is up, Barbie is on the stage, under the spotlights:
Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5,
Ophelia’s Flowers

“Look at my flowers. There’s rosemary, that’s for remembering. Please remember, love. And there are pansies, they’re for thoughts…And here’s a daisy, for unhappy love. I’d give you some violets, flowers of faithfulness, but they all dried up when my father died. They say he looked good when he died. (sings) For good sweet Robin is all my joy…. ”

Her dress is made of Aqua blue Chiffon & Pastel-colored Floral Georgette, I chose Ophelia for Barbie to play as I have fond memories watching this old black/white movie as a child, I thought the actress Jean Simmons who played Ophelia was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.. the sadness of seeing her floating in the river with flowers lingered in my mind forever

Many famous actresses have played Ophelia, Vivien Leigh, Kate Winslet, Helena Bonham Carter…. now its time for Barbie to bring Ophelia to live…

Happy Convention & good luck with your Raffle Tickets. remember, our club donation is a large lot, the doll is only a part of it.

A photo of Ophelia from 1948 Film “Hamlet”

3 Responses to “2015 URBFC Raffle Doll Barbie Stars in “Hamlet” as Ophelia”

  1. helen said

    Forgot to say, the Backdrop is included. It took me a whole day to photoshop 2 pictures together and make one backdrop. as.. I need a River in the background, poor Ophelia drowned 😦

  2. Dee said

    So Pretty, She looks so sad but beautiful. The gown is gorgeous!
    Beautiful job Helen!

    • helen said

      Thank You, Dee! After 4 years designing the raffle doll, I wanted something very different this time. but I knew the risk. when BMFC went to “Palm Beach” & “Russia”, people hated it. they just love 50s or 60s dress or gown plus a doll with flat face paint… well, we’ll soon find out who loves Ophelia & who hates her…. lol
      See you at the convention

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