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Go Red For Mommy

Posted by helen on May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day! Miss Boucle Goes Red to Honor Mom —I spent all weekend to give her a fresh look!

She was defective, this is how she came to me: one broken eyebrow, 2 beauty marks, pointy eyeliners, and angled eye shadows…

there has been a lot of talk about this doll’s quality issues, Mattel ignores the problems but tries to make people believe that’s how she was designed and ask you to love her just the way she is… lame excuses…


5 Responses to “Go Red For Mommy”

  1. Shane on Mattel! Even their gift to BFC members this year was the cheapest useless ever.
    Amazing work you’ve done! Very impressive and elegant as always!

    • helen said

      Thanks, Cora. I was a bit shocked by the way Mattel responded to its customers, we understand Business can go wrong at anytime, most customers are very reasonable, Mattel could have handled the case beautifully, but it chose the way it is now– and worse, Mattel shut down the discussion when it found its Customers are not buying the story.. that’s disappointing. here it is the original statement: http://tinyurl.com/nm49ubb

    • helen said

      I think I’d give everyone a update on Boucle Beauty–that is——— Mattel finally said “we messed up, we are sorry!” I am glad it did so. Read here: http://tinyurl.com/lk5lruz

      • wholeeah said

        Would be nice though if they posted an image of what the doll is suppose to look like, not a sketchy, but an IRL photo of the doll’s face.

      • helen said

        I guess they wont post any prototype pictures. To me, the message itself is good enough–As it shuts up the Lousy & Mean Guy from Brooklyn NY, I am so sick and tired of him constantly asking others to “go away, stop buying Barbie, start other hobbies” if anyone dares to say Barbie has quality issues. he has only bought one doll (that is Boucle) from BC for the past 7 months, Barbie certainly can NOT depends on him to survive, but he asks Barbie Customers to go away? so I had to check out his Facebook Page just to see what a dorky face behind the screen… 🙂

        I quote his response to someone who had issues with Boucle Doll:

        ….. I can’t imagine why you still collect or join the “fan club” every year. perhaps there are other hobbies/collectibles that wouldn’t frustrate you so…

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