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wide face & broad forehead

Posted by helen on April 21, 2015

The heads of Silkstone dolls are getting bigger & bigger, their foreheads are getting so wide,  wider than “Broadway”.

A comparison photo:

Principessa’s  forehead makes me want to sell her off…  then, I saw a picture of the new doll “Boucle Beauty”,  she is even worse than Principessa.   oh, that Triangular Face!  I give her a Red Card b/c of her “Triangle Offense”

The differences:







8 Responses to “wide face & broad forehead”

  1. Sheri said

    Hi,I just stumbled upon your site. I only collect vintage Barbie…but all your dolls, and their outfits (and your photography) is absolutely gorgeous. I am now looking forward to seeing more. Also thanks for the convention link a while ago. Since I’m on the west coast, I won’t make it this year – but someday I really want to go!

    • helen said

      thanks for your visit, Sheri! hope you’ll make your way to 2016 Barbie Convention, it will be in Jacksonville, Florida

  2. Oh I see what you mean. It’s not just the playline that are becoming more strange looking. I hate the blank stares so many of the playline dolls have now, especially the cheapest ones.

    • helen said

      more and more playline dolls have molded-on “Clothes”. they no longer wear fabric clothes. Mattel’s Barbie dolls are no longer dolls, they are more like action figures now.

      • I agree, I especially dislike the molded plastic clothing, the cheap, trashy look of the clothes that are available and the excessive amount of pink. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t been brought up in the era where the clothes were so nice that you wanted to be twelve inches tall so you could wear them yourself.

      • helen said

        not sure what Mattel is thinking/doing. Clothes are no longer made of fabric. “plastic is fantastic”— The Super Power Girl is what Mattel is promoting right now, she is even advertised on Times Square’s Billboard. she is such a cheap doll, her clothes are all molded, only the cape is a piece of Nylon fabric.
        super power

  3. Julia said

    Mattel must be in denial about the Silkstone head size or they just don’t care. But it’s apparent especially when a new Silkstone is displayed with an older one. I don’t think the heads will ever be produced like the older Silkstone dolls. I hope to be wrong though.

    • helen said

      I think Mattel does not care. b/c its not a “Quality Issue”, its a “Aesthetic” thing. some people do not care, but many do. the other day I said Gala Gown’s head is 30% larger than the older silkstone, some people thought I was joking. no. it is a fact.
      head sizes

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