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Cherry Pie Picnic—what if she were Steffie

Posted by helen on April 7, 2015

Cherry Pie Picnic, the doll that released on April Fools’ Day was supposed to be a Barbie Collector’s direct Exclusive, production number 4,700.  A week later, it all changed, production number is 6,400, Amazon is also distributing it(with free shipping)–although  BC’s “what’s new” page still marks it as “exclusive”

I guess 6,400 is a large number for BC to handle,  Amazon’s help is highly appreciated.  Now things get interesting. I will be watching it to see how it ends…. Maybe I should buy one right now. but I am not a great fan of her.

well, what if this doll used Steffie face mold? I probably would like her better.  what do you think?



13 Responses to “Cherry Pie Picnic—what if she were Steffie”

  1. I guess you can’t trust anything released on April Fool’s Day. I like the Steffie face better myself.

  2. Milena said

    I would choose Silkstone face. It goes better with this outfit in my opinion 🙂

    • helen said

      Cupid Kisses, Happy New year, shamrock celebration, Barbie & Midge 5oth gift set, double dates, let’s play Barbie…. dolls with this face are wallflowers at BC shop, it takes years to sell even the price are deeply discounted. Many people who did not play vintage dolls when they were kids think this “Nostalgic” face is Ugly or Strange, they would not buy it.

      Cherry Pie falls into the same category. she is NOT a Silkstone but a vinyl doll with high price tag.

      Mattel made 6400 of this Cherry Pie doll, it needs a larger market. but this face does not help to attract new Audiences. Mattel had to break its own rules of “direct exclusive” and put her on Amazon.

      if this were a Steffie or Mackie face sculpt, it would sell out faster, as the face is liked by more people.

      • Milena said

        You are right when it goes about better selling. You think strategic good for Mattel.
        But I personally like better this doll with Strange Face. Sorry, I didn’t know that she is not a Silstone, I’m not an expert in Barbies.

  3. If she had a Steffie face with cherry red lips, I would absolutely have to have her! She would be adorable.

    As she is… nope. So much nope. Helen, maybe you should be designing for Mattel? 😀

    • helen said

      Thanks, Sarah, I am not good enough to design for Mattel. but I feel I can do better than the person(or team) who is working as Barbie Collector’s marketing strategist… LOL 🙂 I started collecting Barbie as I was very interested in the way Mattel Marketed the collector market. there were some great ideas & smart strategies that made the market bloom in late 90s and early 2000s, then, perhaps the old marketing strategist has retired, the new one does not understand “collector” market, they have just changed the name “Barbie collector” to “the Barbie Collection”, it indicated the Marketing team has no right strategy so the market will continue to fall.

  4. Romona said

    The doll would great as Steffie.

  5. Gail Gary said

    She would be so much better with the Steffie face, and the tumbling auburn ponies, in this getup. With the vintage Barbie head mold and pale blonde hair, and the coral-red lips and the red hair-ribbons and the pretty but overly defined eye makeup, I find her to be too made-up and a bit sullen. She doesn’t look casual…that is…her face doesn’t match the clothes. It’s too glamorous. She looks a little tacky to me. I would not buy her, and I like the Vintage Barbie head mold very much. They tried for nostalgic innocence, and the result was…really contrived. If they had been a little less “Ellie Mae” on the hair, and gave her a short flip and lightened the lips, perhaps it would have worked better. And I notice that, nowadays, when they do Barbie in anything red, there is wayyyy too much red in the outfit…the red print blouse and red shoes woulda done the job, without the belt and the hair-ribbons being red too. Back in the early days (early 1960s), they would not have thrown so much red at the problem, IMO, at least not so much repeated in the accessories. (I know they did red evening gowns and so forth. I mean they would not have done so much red in something that was supposed to be casual, i.e., for fun, a different mood.)

    • helen said

      Wow, Gail! I wish Mattel’s Design Team heard you!! I agree with you Cherry Pie Picnic should have lighter makeup and more casual look. Did you see her follow-up, the “Homecoming Queen”? that doll has more neutral makeup, very light lips… perhaps they should switch their outfits… but no matter how they do it, $75 is just too much for this type of dolls.

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