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Sweet Deals

Posted by helen on February 13, 2015

I said I have not purchased any new dolls  recently, but I just bought 6 of them from BarbieCollector.com as soon as its Valentine’s Day Sales began


Ironically,  I received the Payment Declined Notice from Barbie Collector within 5 minutes after I placed order.  Then I remembered my CC company canceled that card but Issued a new one 2 weeks ago,   this is what the Credit Card Company has to say:

We are sending you a new MasterCard that will replace your card ending in XXXX,  This is a precaution we are taking to help protect your funds in light of an account review that indicates you made a purchase at a retailer that has recently announced a data compromise.  Please note that we are not affiliated with this retailer and do not have specific evidence that your account has been compromised. This is an extra layer of security to help you avoid any potential risks.

I wish I were told which Retail it was.   Target? Kmart? Walmart? Amazon?  Best Buy? or  even BC? it leaves me wonder.   perhaps it was just a computer system glitch, then the CC company sent out thousands of new cards…

Anyway, I had to Call BarbieCollector, so I can save my order and the $20 BFC member reward. Okay, no more doll orders until another “20% off” sales in the 2nd quarter.

Happy Friday, the 13th, Everyone! lol






14 Responses to “Sweet Deals”

  1. Becky said

    Hi Helen,

    I’m more new to this doll world…is there a scheduled time for a 2nd quarter sale that one can depend on?

    • Sandra said

      The sales are kind of random Becky. They usually pop up around this time then another around Barbie’s birthday. Definitely don’t buy unless there is a sale. The dolls always go on sale.

      • helen said

        Becky, Sandra is right, the next sales would be around Barbie’s Birthday, March 9th. Sometimes NO news letters would be sent out about Barbie’s Birthday Sales, but if you go to the shop and add the items into your cart, you will get a surprise. there will be a Pink Week Dream Sales, I forgot if its in May or Sept? After that, you can always count on Black Friday Sales…

      • helen said

        I must say I m very impressed that you did not buy anything, Sandra. lol

    • Becky said

      Thanks so much, ladies!

  2. Sandra said

    Same thing happened to me and when I called them they told me it was K-Mart, back in October. I was like ok, well, you are sending me the card now? LOL. It’s good that you waited to buy. I don’t ‘think I’ll get anything. Maybe they will have a small Barbie Anniversary sale in March and I’ll use my reward. Basically all the dolls I would want now are off limits to me until they go on sale so nothing new for me for a while. What did you buy?

    • helen said

      Thanks, Sandra! I didn’t know about Kmart, but I remember it happened to Target. sadly, I bought something from Target online right before it happened. of course, I shopped at Kmart online, too. 😦 I am an online shopper, that’s b/c my local stores sell everything 30% more than their own online shops do. For example, the printer Ink is $36 at Target Online, but $46 at my local target stores. same thing with TRU & Kmart. 😦

      • Sandra said

        You know Helen, the stores around here do that too. I take my phone and show them the price and they always match it. Walmart does that too. The online price for a Ken set was 19.99, at the store it was 24.99. I had to bring it up on my phone and they price matched. I’m shopping more and more online as well. Barely shopping at all. Well you know why but I need to stick to it.

      • helen said

        your local stores sound nicer than mine, Sandra! I once wrote on Target’s Facebook page telling them I wasn’t happy to pay $46 for an item that’s only $36 online. lol

  3. Sarah said

    Which ones did you choose?

    • helen said

      actually, what I ordered are still “old’ dolls, Mistress of Manor, Cupid Kisses, Ball Gown, 2 of Fiorella, City Shine Steffie

      • Sandra said

        Helen I finally learned to wait until a sale, but honestly there really isn’t anything I’m interested in. lol. I can’t remember if I bought Cupid’s Kisses. I was thinking of getting her but she’ll probably be around for a while. I never got Fiorella either. I don’t think I bought any Silkstones last year though I do want the bride if I can find her for a good price.

      • helen said

        Sandra, I now need to learn how to skip a few sales. but I’d like to get that bride doll under $85. 🙂

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