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Tell me one thing….

Posted by helen on December 10, 2014

Ball gown, her price dropped by 50%  on Black Friday, so I ordered her. Tell me one thing  that you don’t like about her— she is not a seller, and I want to know why people don’t like her.

the bottom hem of her gown is not sewn, but glued up together,   I took her out of box, her gown was wrinkled, when I tried  to iron it, — the glue melted… 😦    glues are worse than Velcro. as time goes by, the glued fabric will turn into yellow.  It just gives me one more reason not to buy expensive dolls from Mattel, this doll was $99,  glue should not be not allowed.  I know many people hate Velcro, well, her waist band is closed with Velcro. 🙂

3 Responses to “Tell me one thing….”

  1. For an expensive doll you don’t expect glue on garments. That is very poor. As for the doll herself well I don’t really collect this type of doll so I’m not the one to ask but for me her eye make up is a bit strong.

  2. Troy said

    That is not a good sign. Between this and the use of glue in doll heads, Mattel isn’t garnering a reputation for good quality these days. I’ve stopped buying the new higher end dolls until they start incorporating more articulation, too.

    • helen said

      I truly think Mattel’s “High End” only means High Price, not high Quality. Many people don’t debox their dolls, so they wont know the glue on the dress or the mess at the back. Mattel’s price goes higher and higher even its a very simple doll. I just looked at Mattel’s new “Shamrock Celebration” doll, her costumes are similar to OZ Dorothy, its very much like an Irish Version of OZ Dorothy, she is no better than the OZ Dorothy, the Dorothy doll prices were ranged from $29.99 to $39.99, but this Shamrock doll will be $75. she would never live up to the $75 Quality. so, No, I would not buy her until she goes on Black Friday Shelf and drop her price.

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