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Happy Cyber Monday!

Posted by helen on December 1, 2014

I think my online shopping for this year is done. but I wish you all a very happy Cyber Monday, especially if you have a updated operating system, I wish you “Smooth Sailing” on http://www.barbiecollector.com/promo/email/CYBRMON

I have had all the problems others encountered on this site. “cant log into the shop account” “cant post on its Bulletin Board” “cant view online Catalog” “cant add items to the shopping cart” “cant post pictures” “cant copy & paste”…. but I wasted some “precious time” and have everything worked out myself, not only I can log into my account, I can log into yours, too. lol

Not so long ago  I read this article:


Barbie can not be a computer engineer as she can’t do the simple coding, she had to call her male friends for help…..  To save her face and protect her “I can be everything everyone” image, Amazon pulled off the “I can be a computer Engineer” and Mattel apologizes for underestimating other young women

The truth is always hard to take. Barbie Can not be everything, her website BarbieCollector.com  clearly proved that Barbie is incompetent.

3 Responses to “Happy Cyber Monday!”

  1. helen said

    A doll is a doll, she doesn’t have to be everything or teach you “you can be everything”. I m very practical, I know I cant be everything I cant be an Olympic champion in women’s 100 race I cant lift up 100 lbs, your life challenge is to find out what suits you best and you can effortlessly do it great…

  2. Sandra said

    Wow, it’s so sad that website is still having the same problems. Your posts are always the best!! Happy December Helen!

    • helen said

      Thanks, Sandra! wishing you a happy December, too. I really hope I’d be happy in this season. but its so hard, there are so many things that make me nervous and anxious.
      the BarbieCollector site is hopeless. actually its getting worse, almost in every sales-related discussion on forum, someone would say he is not able to buy anything b/c of the “OOPS!” The Minute I posted the Cyber Monday Sales Link on facebook, I got a response “Helen, I got OOPS” –the OOPS is not cute at all. —Wordpress is cuter, every time I click on “new”, it goes “Beep Beep Boop!” then the new screen pops up without errors… it sounds much cuter than “OOPS”, doesn’t it? 🙂

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