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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by helen on November 27, 2014

Turkeys just don’t have the equal rights as Dogs & Cats.

Happy Thanksgiving from my dolls to yours

Black or pink Friday sales has already started at http://BarbieCollector.com. 20% off on selected items. The 2014 club doll is also on sale. $60

8 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. helen said

    BarbieCollector.com is such a crappy site.. I was NOT able to log into its online shop or add items to shopping cart at all. To make the site work for me, I have to turn off ActiveX filter, switch documents mode to 9, user agent string to IE 9, and leave the Developer tool (F12) window open. if I accidently close F12 window, oops, all the items fly out of the cart and I have to start all over again. it sucks big time. Barbie is supposed to be up-to-date, but BarbieCollector’s shop or forum just does not work with Window 8.1 and IE 11.

    • helen said

      I just knew I am not alone. many people are unable to buy anything due to the site issues. some people filed complaints, but it seems BarbieCollector.com just doesn’t care. the Mod suggest you call the 1-800 number to place orders via phone.

      • and they won’t ship to Australia 😦 Have a great day!

      • helen said

        I understand why they don’t ship internationally, most USA online shops don’t, as it takes extra work & risk. but Mattel is a large company, it should be able to set up a similar website in Australia. Mattel does so in Japan.

        I think Toys R Us now ships internationally

      • We have Toys R Us in Australia luckily and can get some things from Amazon although it often seems that the dolls I want are the ones they won’t ship. However postal charges are now so high that it hardly matters any more. I just stick with eBay and try to find what I want over here.

      • helen said

        b/c of the increasing postage cost and the complicated customs procedures, Mattel needs to set up a website in Australia just like it did in Japan & China.

        But the US site is really not working well, I don’t know who runs it, contractors or Mattel’s own employees. more and more people reported they couldn’t purchase anything.

      • and they wonder why Barbie sales are falling.

      • helen said

        less & less retailers carry “Barbie Collector” brand, Mattel really needs to do the right thing, it cant just shrink the production numbers and raise the price.
        ‘Barbie Collector” is in its “Golden Era” —most of the dolls are Gold Labels ( Edition size is less than 5,000 units), back 6 years ago, most of them were Pink Label(Edition size is 25,000 or more). From Pink to Gold, it tells you how small its market is now. the price tripled. for example, the faraway Elf doll is $100, but the Aine doll was $34.99 and came with better constructed costumes. it takes more work to make Aine’s well fitted gown. Elf’s higgledy-piggledy Hodge-podgy costumes are not worth $100

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