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On the Red Carpet with Joan

Posted by helen on September 6, 2014

Before I go on my week with “Goddess”, Barbie wants to  pay a tribute to Ms Joan Rivers.

We have enjoyed her jokes & her most scathing red carpet fashion criticisms… The Red Carpet season is never going to be the same without Joan. 😦

I think she loved black/white striped ensemble, the colors are as bold as she was.

she wore it for her pop shot in 70s or 80s, and she wore it again in 2012 for her red carpet appearance.  I  adopted the earlier version for Barbie.

I made comments on  facebook:

 If Joan Rivers were the Chief of the Fashion Police Dept. on BFC Forum, she’d never made it to 81. she’d be bashed to death as soon as she opened her mouth. Some people would do everything and anything to shut her up, such as pulling the dear departed mother out of the grave, calling the ex costume designer husband back from the past, pulling out the 35-year resume out of the dusty draw… whoever, whatever helps to win the argument and teach Joan “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” or “go to find another hobby, you A**hole!”

rolling eyes

RIP, Joan!

PS: The Working Model is “Barbie Loves Sinatra”.  I gave her a haircut since her hair is already ruined by wax glue inside her head.


2 Responses to “On the Red Carpet with Joan”

  1. Romona said

    Hi, Helen. If you have, can you do some of Halle Berry’s red carpet looks?


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