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The Great Goddess –Diwali

Posted by helen on September 2, 2014

Diwali is one of the World of Festival dolls that its price often goes up high on eBay (its original retail price was $19.99)

But Diwali doll has kanekalon hair,  I hate Kanekalon hair, its fuzzy & coarse.  so my Diwali has new saran hair, soft and colorful, she is a keeper!

I love Goddess Face as much as I love Lea/Kayla face. I cant tell which I love more.  I have lots Goddess faced dolls.



6 Responses to “The Great Goddess –Diwali”

  1. Wow, what a pretty doll. I agree, love both those face sculpts. So many dolls I wish I could have or would have gotten in the past. LoL


    • helen said

      lol lucky you didnt get as many dolls as I did. so you are not burderend, see how hard I am trying to unload them? From now on I’ll be very careful with what I buy.

      • Thanks for the advice. I try hard not to buy everything I see and wait to make sure it is one I really really want. A lot of times I will just enjoy a new dolls picture as my desktop photo. I get to look at her and she doesnt take up space and it didnt cost me anything! LoL


      • helen said

        lol Janet, I am not trying to advise you b/c you know much better than I do. I wish I did what you do now. or I wish I had a big Mansion & didnt have to worry about the space.

        when I open these doll boxes (60 in each box), I can smell the STRONG plastic odor. I wonder if they are toxic. some dolls made in Indonesia have sticky legs that smell pretty bad. thats another reason I need to downsize.

  2. Romona said

    Another pretty project, Helen 🙂

    • helen said

      Thank you, Romona! always nice to have you here! hope you are doing well with your dolls. I know you are very organzied and your dolls are all very high-end.

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