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downsizing again…

Posted by helen on August 25, 2014

I decided that I should not have more than 120 dolls based on the living space I have.

I am sorting through all my deboxed dolls,  they are now in 6 large boxes. each box holds about 60 dolls.  I also have 32 desplayed in my “showcase”–these would be keepers

I started “Liquidating”  at the beginning of  August, the process is very slow, as I often get lazy and don’t want to do a thing.

The Plan is that I downsize my  loose dolls first,  after the numbers of these deboxed dolls go down to 60, I’ll start organizing my NRFB dolls. It’s hard to say exactly how many NRFB dolls I have,  they are scattered everywhere  except for bathroom.  I don’t want to move stuffs to count the total numbers. I think  I have less than 250,   I’ll leave them as they are for now until the loose dolls are gone.

I wish I didn’t buy  so many dolls, but they served their purposes– they were my shopping therapy that helped to create a happy mood when I was depressed.

Then, too many dolls are piled up, they become the new source of  anxiety.

Looking at these boxes of dolls really kills my desire for new dolls.    I buy so much less than before, the last time I purchased a doll from eBay was Nov. 7th, 2013, a loose Grace Kelly Silkstone doll.  I still buy from Mattel, but only if I am able to sell off some older dolls on eBay.

It may take a couple of years & a lot of hard work  to reach the “120” Goal,   I’ll quote a Chinese proverb “Moving slowly is  better than standing still”.  I am looking forward to the day that I have a very small but refined collection











6 Responses to “downsizing again…”

  1. Moving slowly IS better than standing still! You are so brave to have decided that it is time for you to refine your collection. Take your time getting rid of them. Afterall, at some point you loved them all. In the meantime, you are inspiring others to do the same.

    • helen said

      thanks you, Stephanie.its really a slow process and very easy to lose hope. its ture I have loved them, but I have passed that points, I no longer want to spend time sorting through them, re-organzing them, creating spaces for them… I would rather watch Hitchcock Hours on YouTube… ..

  2. netless@myfairpoint.net said

    Hi I know exactly what you mean,I needed them for my depression,they helped,But I have so many OOTB,deboxed,I hate to go back on e-bay that was 14 yrs.ago.I have so many OOAK,& Convention ones I just don’t know where to start.Well Good Luck with your goal.It has always been a pleasure doing business with you in the past.THANKS. Netta

  3. Girl, you have you some dolls! But I totally understand. I am just as bad, but not just for Barbies. Whatever happens to be in my mind at the moment. Then I become obsessed in acquiring them. Along with Barbies, I am currently in a “baby mode”. Every so many years my maternal desires send me in search of BABIES! LOL! Anyway, I have run the gamut from Littlest Pet Shop to Zelfs (yeah, I know!), to finding the whole collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls and some of the little Herself the Elf dolls. Did I mention Kellies? Or Petite Blythes? Or Livs? I am currently doing a large 4 ft Barbie house and am NEEDING to find another. Where I will put it, who knows, but does that stop me???? Between craft supplies and books and my dolls, there is barely room for me. Now if I could figure how to make my bed into a loft ……..

    But, good luck with your downsizing. I am doing that also, but not with dolls. With everything else, SO I CAN GET MORE DOLLS! Just know you are not alone. Oh, and my mom had a doll to “play” with when she passed away at 90!!!! So, you see, it’s NOT all my fault. LOL! Just be sure to show us what you are sending to auction!!! In kindred doll-spirit, Sandie

    • helen said

      Thank You, Snadie, I just know I m not alone, lol

      besides Barbie, I also have lots of other things. I started decluttering last year, I am much better now. I used to have tons of craft papers, as I loved make greeting cards. I have had hundreds of silk scarves

      I also have 10 large cartons of fabrics–these are Pandora’s boxes, if I open any of it, it would mess up my place faster & worse than I can believe. once I get rid of these Fabrics, my place will look so much neater.

      To keep or let go your collection, the key question is “do your collections make you happy?”, if they do, then, keep them. but if they distress you, then, they have to go.

      At this point I just want an empty place. I dont want to spend so much time reorganizing & making spaces for dolls & other clutters, I’d rather watch Hitchcock hours on YouTube.

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