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A Week With Lea: Finale–the List

Posted by helen on August 13, 2014

A week has quickly gone by, Lea enjoyed being under the  spotlights,  our week extended to 8 days!  Now its time she takes a bow and closes the curtain!  If you have not had enough of her, please see my old post “The exotic faces of Lea” from  2011.

Repainted & Rerooted “Rio De Janeiro” Lea in “Golden Angel” Gown


Below is  a List of  the Lea Dolls Mattel has produced,

Please be noted:

1) The list is incomplete & unofficial.
2) Release Year is the Year printed on the Doll Box.
3) All the production numbers & thumbnails can be found  on: http://service.mattel.com,
4) Credits: Zoila and many BFC Members plus Myself, lol

 Master List of Lea Doll

53371 Sophisticated Wedding AA
53377 Star Skater Michelle Kwan
53381 Amazing Nails Kayla
53382 Amazing Nails Lea
54485 Palm Beach Lea

54224 Mystery Squad Kenzie
55622 Fashion Photo Kayla
56007 Barbie & Kelly Art Teacher (Asian)
56639 Bead Party Lea
56640 Bead Party Kayla
56764 Mermaid Fantasy Kayla w. long Orange Hair
B2991 Fruit Style Kayla
B2992 Fruit Style Lea
B4534 Shakira (w. black pleather outfits)

56887 Rio de Janeiro Lea
B2789 Secret Spells (charm girl)Kayla

B4535 Shakira w. a guitar plays “Whenever, wherever”
B5731 Princess of Japan
B5762 Fairytopia Kenara Wonder Fairy

B5820 Really Rosy Kayla
B5821 Really Rosy Lea
B6387 Hoops & Loops Lea
B7463 Cheerleader Kayla
B7633 Shakira International Superstar Green Ruffled dress
B7634 Shakira Voice of a new generation
B8485 Shakira Rockin’ Concert
B8486 Shakira Autographed card
C0629 Fairytopia Magical Mermaid Kayla

C5264 My Graduation 2004

C6465 Cali Girl Lea
G4336 Happy Family: The New Neighbors
G6062 So Cal Style Lea
G6178 Barbie for President 2004 (Asian)
G8666 California Girl Lea
G9009 Kayla Fashion Fever – Tokyo Fruit Style

H0650 Fashion Fever Kayla

H0651 Fashion Fever Kayla

H0662 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0663 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0861 Ballet Dreams Lea w. Purple Tutu
H2235 California Girl Lea (Horse Riding with Cowboy hat)

G8670 Cali Girl Horse Riding Assortment (w/Lea)
H0868 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0869 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0892 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0893 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0918 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0941 Fashion Fever Kayla
H0946 Fashion Fever Kira
H3713 Fashion Fever Kayla Styling Head
H7610 Fashion Fever – 7 Days of Style Kayla
J0701 Beach Fun Lea
J0928 Festival of the world Chinese New Year
J4184 Fashion Fever Makeup Chic Kayla
J5479 Kayla Fashion Fever – Girls Aloud Kimberly
J7881 Fashion Fever – Barbie Loves Benetton Osaka

J0944 On Location Monte Carlo
J0982 Maiko
J0984 Rhapsody in New York
J1332 Fashion Fever Kayla
J1362 Fashion Fever Modern Trends Lea blue Jacket
J1381 Fashion Fever Kayla w. Painted body & Velvet bolero
J1411 Fashion Fever Kayla
J2252 Fashion Fever – Barbie Loves Benetton London
J4259 Rhapsody in Paris
J4399 Fashion Fever Kayla
J9240 Fashion Fever Stylin’ Head (this is NOT a doll, but a big head)
K3677 Fashion Fever Kayla
K4161 The 12 Dancing Princesses Blair
K5602 Fashion Fever – Barbie Love Benetton Berlin
K7906 Hard Rock Cafe Strawberry blonde
K9816 Fashion Fever Kayla
L4175 Hard Rock Cafe Store Exclusive Brunette

L1147 Island Princess in Purple dress
L6251 Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer
L9606 Happy New Year Japan
M2318 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

L9660 Empress of Golden Blossom
M6037 Chinese New Year Wishes (not sure about this one, I did not debox & cant tell)
N0872 Barbie for President
N9794 Disney Camp Rock Tess European exclusive

R9923 Barbie Basics Little Black Dress Model 05

T7676 Twilight Saga Jane
T7739 Barbie Basics Jean Collection Model 05

W2923 Fairytale Magic Ballerina
W3323 Dolls of the World China
W3332 Barbie Basics Swimsuit Collection Model 05

W2922 Fairytale Magic with Princess Ballerina Purple
W3443 Barbie Dow Hawaii

BCP14 Fairytale Magic Ballerina
BCP69 Divergent Tris Doll (Black label)



CHF57    Tris          Insurgent Tris Doll (Black label)

CLL36     Lea          Barbie Style – Glam Party

CLN66    Barbie      Barbie Fashionista Doll – Kitten T-shirt & Pink skirt

DHB21    Barbie     Careers Nurse Doll
DHL84    Lea          Made to Move Doll

T7584-DGX64  Basic Doll with Purple Pink Dress & Heart-shaped Ring

Lea is a very new friend of Barbie’s, no more than 100 Lea dolls were released, most of them are Playline dolls that are inexpensive, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg even you want to have a complete collection. I don’t have all of them and I have no intention to buy all of them. I started collecting Leas as she is Easy to collect b/c of her very short history.

Lea & her Friends

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  1. Thanks for the Lea feature!! And thanks for posting the list of Lea face dolls. It was great to see so many of your different Lea faces and the list is always something great to have!!

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