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A week with Lea–Miss China

Posted by helen on August 9, 2014

She is the  “Dolls of the World– China” , released by Mattel in Nov, 2011.  I purchased her  a couple of days ago at discounted price.

This doll has lots of wax glue inside her head,  the glue completely ruined the hair, her hair is sticky, greasy and dirty… you can never clean it up with soap & water. I pulled out some glues and washed her hair with acetone, it still feels greasy.

I  have no idea why Mattel pours glue into the doll head. many of us hate it.  I probably  will reroot her hair–that’s the only way to completely get rid of the glue. here is a pettion  asking Mattel to stop using wax glue.

her new look on the  red carpet: (she is on “Queen of the Hearts” Model Muse body)










2 Responses to “A week with Lea–Miss China”

  1. helen said

    the Glue in her head reminds me of a Chinese proverb: “Draw a Snake and Add feet to it”–it means A artwork is ruined because of extra things. the story is told by: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=snake%20with%20legs

  2. helen said

    A user on Monster High forum posted this picture to show you how the glue looks inside the doll head, its disgusting!

    you can see the original post here: http://www.monsterhighdolls.com/forum/topics/aqua-blue-2nd-mh-customization

    if you have a twitter account, please tweet Mattel about the issue. I did. Perhaps I should tweet the petition to Mattel everyday. lol https://twitter.com/Mattel

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