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Christmas in July, Stock up Joy!

Posted by helen on July 16, 2014

Mattel shop is offering 20% off site wide, plus free shipping on orders of $35 or more.


you may be interested in  Barbie “Red Carpet” Dolls, Silkstone Dulcissima, Silkstone Principessa, Gone with the wind,  Divergent,  Yellleader Ken, Happy Holidays 2014…

I have not posted any sales for quite long time, why? b/c there are “die-hard Barbie Fans” who HATE bargainer.. This is a Post from the Barbie Fan Club, accusing shoppers like me who like to buy dolls at discounted prices of ruining the future of the Barbie Collector Line.

no one has told this “commentator” that most people on this planet do NOT buy a single Barbie in their entire lives. so, you’d better appreciate someone still buys when its discounted. lol Mattel runs a business, not a charity, it has to stand the test of the Market.



6 Responses to “Christmas in July, Stock up Joy!”

  1. That is SO ridiculous. How dare somebody criticize someone for how they shop! I know many fellow Barbie fans, and almost all of them buy the doll full retail as soon as it comes out.
    I have one thing to say to that criticizer: If having sales actually hurt the company, don’t you think they would have fewer sales?!!! These products are coming from Asia, where the cost of the doll is super low, because over there, the materials and the labor are literally dirt cheap. Mattel is a very large corporation, and they didn’t get that way by losing money. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re making billions, whatever one branch of product doesn’t earn (Barbie, at the moment), that loss is more than made up for with the income earned by their other branches (Monster High, Hot Wheels, etc).

    • helen said

      Haha, Davie, you are the one who lowered Barbie Quality and ruined Barbie Sales. lol The judge sentenced you to 2nd degree murder!

  2. First of all if Mattel would make the kind of dolls collectors want, maybe their sales would improve. This person is dillusional!! Mattel’s profits are just fine!! If Fashion Royalty can make QUALITY products in lessor quantities and sell them for the same price or less, you can’t tell me that the huge Mattel is suffering. Back in the good old days when Mattel had their awesome Barbie Birthday and Pre-Christmas sales, people would often use those sales to buy multiples, but since they aren’t doing good sales anymore, people aren’t wasting their money. People who shop sales are not a problem at all—MATTEL is the problem!!! They no longer have a clue and their profit margin is now suffering. If there is no collector line in 10 years, it will be because Mattel killed it. Collectors want dolls…just not the over-priced crap Mattel has been producing lately!! (can you tell this struck a nerve?!!)

    • helen said

      here you go, Stephanie! you go to tell this guy! lol I do Believe Mattel makes good Money on collector dolls. the newly released Gone with Wind Red dress Scarlett is $34.99, but jakks pacific’s “maleficent” dolls are $19.99 each, quality is same or better than Mattel’s Gone with the wind.

  3. Janet said

    Well, I for one appreciate it when Helen lets us know of a good sale. Some of us just don’t have money burning in our pockets. Actually buying the silkstone I have been wanting at this sells allows me to buy something else from BC….so in the long run Mattel is still selling lots of dolls. I am a bargain hunter myself and when I can find a doll at some store reduced I grab them, when I can, my collection as grown a lot from being able to do this, and in turn makes the world aware of collector dolls. So many people are amazed at the dolls they never knew existed when they see my collection, so free advertising for Mattel.


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