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Posted by helen on June 26, 2014

A new Scarlett doll –Shame Dress

In Mattel’s promo photos, she has 2 straight arms, but the production doll has 2 bent arms, I do not like that.

Her dress is so simple and  in lack of details, I pressed on some “self-adhesive rhinestones”

Except for the color, the dress is nothing like the original Movie costumes, its not a “collectible” replica,  Mattel decided,  at $34.99, that’s all you deserve.

2. BBQ Dress
I purchased BBQ Scarlett doll at 2009 Barbie Convention and deboxed her in my hotel room, sadly, she had “Sticky Sweaty” legs, so I tossed her body and placed her head on a “Model Muse” body. her dress is made of 100% cotton and it comes with white cotton bloomers and a tulle petticoat,  the quality is better than today’s Mattel-standard doll dresses. the doll’s  face is also very pretty,  her head is smaller than the new Scarlett’s.

3. drapery Dress
This doll was purchased from eBay before I headed to 2009 Convention, I was too busy to debox her.  After I found the BBQ Scarlett had sticky legs, I presumed this doll would be the same. so I sent her back to eBay, let NRFBers have her,  they dont debox, it wouldnt matter to them.

4. White Pray Dress
well, this is not Mattel’s version, but my “labor of love”, the dress  cost me 15 yard white lace (1/2″ width), 1 yard (44″ width) Cotton Voile and… Hours & Hours of work! I should have not spent so much time to make it, it was not cost-effective, not fun, either

The doll is a repainted “Shame Dress doll”.

It has a  hoop petticoat underneath to make the skirt look fuller

why did I feel the need to make one of my own? as Mattel’s version looks like “Birthay Wishes” doll it made in 2005. doesnt it?

and the first layer of the ruffles at back of the dress are not connected… instead of 8 layers, it only has 6 layers of ruffles

The skirt does not have enough drapes and volumes like the original movie costumes



8 Responses to “Scarlett”

  1. Sarah said

    Your doll and dress are beautiful. You can tell the huge difference in accuracy and quality.

  2. Becky said

    Helen, you are a wonderful doll dressmaker. I totally like what you do.

  3. Julia said

    Amazing job on the white dress. Definitely way better than Mattel’s.

  4. retrosandie said

    Helen, Your version of the white tiered dress is drop dead gorgeous!!! There is no comparison between your work of art and the piece of junk that was passed off as Scarlett’s beautiful dress!!! Outstanding!!!!

  5. Helen, your version is beautiful! Love the repainted doll also. Did you do the repaint also?


  6. Romona said

    Utterly perfect, Helen! Your dress is enchanting.

  7. Chicovintage said

    I love the way you RX the dolls, you really have some intelligent, constructive criticism in this sea of sheeps who buy every single piece of junk Mattel decide to sell. Having said that, I love her face, even when the oversized head make her nose look funny, don´t you think? Do you believe it´s the same headmold but larger? The pray dress is, as you said, a labor of love, can´t believe there are people who defends Mattel version, it´s a ripp-off for a cheaply made doll.

  8. helen said

    Thanks everybody for your gernous compliments. 🙂 To Answer Chicovintage’s question about the face sculpt, yes, this is the same face mold as they used before, the size is bigger, it is not Mattel’s decision to make the head bigger, I was told it had something to do with the “plastic blow molding process”, the factory in Indonesia is unable to control the process to make the head size accurate. sometimes it comes out bigger, sometimes smaller.. Many Collectors asked why not moving production back to China, b/c Indonesia is cheaper…. so you have no choice but accept the bigger head… I visited a few Indonesia factories (not doll manufacturers), ooh, the workers are very laid-back, if its time for them to pray, they put everything down and leave their work behind.., and they need to pray for a few times everyday..

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