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Platinum–if you are interesed in…

Posted by helen on May 9, 2014


its not a big deal to me,  Platinum Barbie has lost its luster, I can live without it.

Last year  the only doll I regretted to miss out is this, I planned to buy Elsa,  but I fell asleep, she went on sale at 3AM Eastern Time when I was far away in my Dreamland.   After I woke up, her price was $750 on Ebay, now  Elsa’s price soared up to to $1700 on eBay. 😦   her original price was $99.95 it was the biggest loss/miss of last year , wasnt it?


6 Responses to “Platinum–if you are interesed in…”

  1. bubblehunt said

    Yes definitely! I remember reading your post about Elsa doll going on sale. I didn’t bother because I didn’t find her attractive lol , but oh boy I wouldn’t mind buying for $100 and resell for $1000. Oh well hindsight is always 20/20 🙂

  2. helen said

    I knew that Elsa doll would be a hit, but the sleep bugs attacked me so I passed out. 😦 oh, well.

  3. helen said

    Platinum doll is offered to Barbie Fan club (BFC) Members only. and each household can only have 2 memeberships, I just read a posting on BFC message board:

    “Please note that we have very good database systems in place to make sure that anyone trying to ‘cheat’ the membership limits will be caught, and their membership privileges revoked, prior to the shipment of any dolls.” —

    BFC has no idea what a crappy system it has, oooh, it has more to say about presale:

    (Pre-sale is not allowed) Due to the fact that pre-sales cause confusion over the actual release date we have decided to expressly prohibit such activity. If you pre-sell an item we have the absolute right to terminate your BFC membership with no refund to you.

    its another promise BFC cant deliver. if one wants to pre-sell, BFC has no means to catch him or punish him.

    just annoying to read BS like this. besides, BFC membership is hard to sell, none of the club dolls are best sellers, platinum doll may be the last starw BFC has to attract people to join, but I doubt I’d join again next year.

    • helen said

      I just noticed that some eBay sellers have pre-sold the doll 5 days before its release. so what BFC have done to them? nothing. eBay would not reveal these sellers’ names to anyone unless it gets a court order, The only thing BFC can do is buying from these sellers to find out who they are –the bad news is these sellers may be not registered as BFC members at all.

  4. bubblehunt said

    Did you try for it and if so did you get one?

    • helen said

      yes, I effortlessly got one. I decided to order her b/c people on facebook attacked me violently after I said the doll was a basic doll with Platinum label. they went crazy, they asked me to stop collecting as I had too many complaints (they do NOT know the differences between complaint and crtiques), they accused me of “disrespecting other collectors and bringing them down. I could never understand these people’s LOGIC. they mix their self worth with a doll. if you said the doll is not worth it, its like saying “you are not worth it”. one person hates my “know-it-all” and “superior attitude” (as I always predict which doll would be a seller which isnt), and she said “believe me, I know much more than you ever know” . I decided to order the doll and re-sell it, so the “know-more-than-I- ever-know” person had less chances to have her. lol –indeed, she was NOT able to get her. if she knows more than I do, she should be albe to handle some web traffics. just the fact that I clearly know she didnt get it after the sales ended, is it something? lol

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