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The Highland Bride

Posted by helen on May 4, 2014

when I first started collecting Barbie dolls, I thought I only needed 3 silkstone dolls, one blonde, one brunette and one redhead. so I chose the cheapest 3:  the waitress, Highland Fling & Suite Retreat,  all purchased at half price.

but the plan changed after 2009 Barbie Convention, tons of silkstones have come home.

Here is my Highland Fling, one of the oldest silkstone dolls I have, but I’ve never played her until now…

I dont think she has lots fans, some people told me they  hate her look.

I gave her a new makeover



6 Responses to “The Highland Bride”

  1. Becky said

    I’m always thrilled with your makeovers and what you do with what you have. Great job! Thank you for sharing this beauty.

    • helen said

      Thanks a ton, Becky! I m so gald you like to see her changes. here is a Confession: when I saw the new Principessa’s Price Tag $125, I said “well, well, Princess, stay where you are, I’ll just play with your poor Cousin Highland Fling instead” lol

      I dont know what others think about “Principessa”, after adding Tax & shipping, she’d cost me $147.85 . I dont think I’d pay that much for her. 😀

      • Becky said

        Any ideas to get her at a reduced price?

      • helen said

        I think if you wait for a year, her price will drop… the Party Dress (2013) was $100, now its $70 on Amazon with free shipping, (perhaps Tax free as well), its disappointing that Mattel made the Principessa($125) more expensive than Dulcissima($75). Dulcissima doll has more outfits and accessories…

  2. bubblehunt said

    Love the wedding dress you gave highland fling. I personally love highland fling. She is one of my favorite lingerie barbies (ingenue is another gal that I love but don’t have yet). I detest all of the gals from this year BFMC. I’m very sad because no new silkie for me 😦

    • helen said

      How Have you Been, Bubble?
      I can’t say I am passionate about 2014 Silkstone dolls, but I dont hate them, either. Prices determine if they come home or stay in the stores. The bride isnt coming home at $125, the Ken wont be here, either, unless he went down to $30 like Roger Sterling doll..

      Dont be sad, you saved a bunch money and you can always go back time to buy the older dolls. oh, Some Ingenue dolls have yellow faces, so make sure you’d buy the 2nd edition of this doll (Mattel recalled 1st edition) if you are planning to buy her.

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