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Spring Spectacular

Posted by helen on May 31, 2014

Before Sprng slips away,  let’s enjoy all the glory it brings: Blooming flowers  & bright colors.

life is Spectacular!

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A good use of a Barbie silk scarf

Posted by helen on May 22, 2014

The scarf came  from BarbieCollector.com when I needed to fill up an order to save on shipping… I was expecting Crepe de Chine, but sorry, NO, its Silk Twill.

ironically, the Package design is prettier than  the scarf itself.

the scarf:

The box:

Perhaps it would have been sold better if the box design was used on the scarf.

Since I myself do not need more scarves, Barbie feels lucky to have this new dress that’s made out of the scarf:

silk dress

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146 million eBay users are changing passwords.

Posted by helen on May 21, 2014

its all over in the news:   ebay has been hacked early this year, and ebay is urging you to change passwords


146 million users are going crazy right now, everyone wants to change his password and secure his account, the result? many  users get this message:

Page not available

Ebay is asking its users to reset their passwords due to the unauthorized access to our corporate information network This may result in a delay of service due to the high traffic volume. We ask for your patience and that you return to eBay soon. In the meantime, please be assured that no activity can occur on your account until your password is reset.

and some can not log back into their accounts after changing their passwords… oops, haha!

I’ll say “Stay cool, stay calm, the worst is yet to come”,

there is no need to panic. it happened 2  months ago. if anything bad should happen to you, its already happened.  besides,  changing password doesnt really help.   hackers can log on to your account without a password.

my suggestion would be:  when all the craze is over, the sites (both eBay & PayPal) have less traffic, you should change the email addresses that you used to sign up with eBay & paypal.

As my knowledge, Hackers may have your eMail, full name and other personal info,  you will receive  phishing emails saying  “Dear (your full Name)” like the legitimate eBay or paypal emails say,  or other spam mails asking you to check out brand name luxuries. —I have received such eMails a month ago, and immediatly suspected someone has stole my personal info from Paypal or eBay sinice the sender knows my full name , as I only used that email for eBaying.  I tracked down the sender’s real location, its from Shenzhen, China.  but I m not saying “Shenzhen China” is the real hacker,  it could have bought these personal info from the Hackers–selling your info to thousands of marketers  is a way this Hackers make good money.

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weekend projects

Posted by helen on May 10, 2014

A collector asked me to make this set for her,  it took long long time, self-fabric flowers, purse, ruched sash.. these are very tedious works.


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Platinum–if you are interesed in…

Posted by helen on May 9, 2014


its not a big deal to me,  Platinum Barbie has lost its luster, I can live without it.

Last year  the only doll I regretted to miss out is this, I planned to buy Elsa,  but I fell asleep, she went on sale at 3AM Eastern Time when I was far away in my Dreamland.   After I woke up, her price was $750 on Ebay, now  Elsa’s price soared up to to $1700 on eBay. 😦   her original price was $99.95 it was the biggest loss/miss of last year , wasnt it?

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Cards–Every Day’s a Holiday

Posted by helen on May 8, 2014

Over the years, I have collected many Greeting Cards and handmade papers… just like my Doll-collecting, it  has always been a part of the fun to add my own creativites.

Making cards is so much easier than making doll dresses,  I believe every friend of mine has received my hand-made cards.

Here I am making some  again, 2014 Barbie Convention themed Greeting Cards….. Every day’s a holiday.

2014 Barbie Convention themed Greeting Cards Handmade by Helen

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Barbie is cleaning up her warehouses…

Posted by helen on May 5, 2014

1) Spring Clean
some Sales prices may be hidden, you have to place items in your cart to see the discoutned prices.

Gala Gown $109.99
Grace Kelly the Bride $119.99
Roger Sterling $19.99
Fuchsia ‘N Fur™ Francie $64
Queen of the Constellations $69
Stephen Burrows Pazett $79
Barbie & Midge Giftset $59
Tribal Blah $89
Barbie Wardrobe $49.99 (save extra $20 if you order 2 “look” Fashions to go with the wardrobe, Fashions are $6.96 each)
Banana Bonanza $119
Silk scarf $12.95
there are more discounted items on the web, not the greatest deals, but check them out if you are interested.

2) Mother’s Day sales $15 off orders of $75 +
if you want to buy dolls like Divergent dolls, Catwoman, yell leaders, you may find good deals

No, I did not buy a single thing. 🙂

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The Highland Bride

Posted by helen on May 4, 2014

when I first started collecting Barbie dolls, I thought I only needed 3 silkstone dolls, one blonde, one brunette and one redhead. so I chose the cheapest 3:  the waitress, Highland Fling & Suite Retreat,  all purchased at half price.

but the plan changed after 2009 Barbie Convention, tons of silkstones have come home.

Here is my Highland Fling, one of the oldest silkstone dolls I have, but I’ve never played her until now…

I dont think she has lots fans, some people told me they  hate her look.

I gave her a new makeover



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