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Wedding Day

Posted by helen on March 31, 2014

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ribbon rosette…

Posted by helen on March 30, 2014

Weekend projects:

ribbon Rosettte Black

ribbon Rosettte pink

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Dulcissima style in Grey

Posted by helen on March 28, 2014

they say there is “Grey” between black & white…

actually, you get the best looking grey shades by mixing red, blue & yellow



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DULCISSIMA: Purple For Mystery and Sophistication

Posted by helen on March 27, 2014

the World is full of beautiful colors…

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Posted by helen on March 26, 2014

Mattel’s arranged “Romantic Tale” of 2014 Silkstone continues…

Dulcissima  is another wedding guest  who dressed up like attending a Funeral. Both she & Fiorella must be jealous of the Bride.  The “romantic Tale” sounds like  a pretty bitter one.

Fiorella was trying to “find love again” and hopping to find her new Prince Charming at her friend’s wedding banquet.  Hear out  her story: http://www.barbiecollector.com/news/bfmc-fiorella-barbie-video

2 variations made for Japn & Paris doll convention increase the sadness

No one knows how Dulcissima is going to tell her story, but she doesnt look like a happy girl at all. perhaps  she is “financially tight” as well, her outfits were made of cotton twill..


Her gold eyeshadows probably isnt a thing many collectors would like. she is not a holiday doll or on the stage palying drama. I wish glitter eyeshadows were not applied.

Her hair is tied up at the back,  the hair net hold it in shape–no styling at all.

I probably wont keep her for long.


We are waiting for  the Bride and Groom…



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Silkstone DULCISSIMA Barbie on sale

Posted by helen on March 24, 2014

anyone wants to order Silkstone DULCISSIMA Barbie?

she is  listed $91,  you may get $20 discount if you use  promo code: BARB261861 at checkout. so she becomes $71. plus free shipping.  that’s the best deal you can find at this moment…

Barbie Collector Fashion Model Collection Doll 2


Happy Shopping,  today isnt black Monday…

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first day of spring

Posted by helen on March 20, 2014

Happy Spring! Actully there is no Spring in New York,  but we are still in winter. we may still have snow in April. then, all the sudden,  the earth heats up, the trees turn into green, flowers bloom and we jump into Summer right after Winter.

All the flowers in the background are actually summer & autumn flowers. lol

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Jlo, Hunger Games, Herve Leger Dolls on Sale at Gilt.com

Posted by helen on March 19, 2014


if you are a new customer and use my link below to sign up,  you’ll have $25 off your first order.


Herve Leger $78

Effle $22

Barbie Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Doll $28

Finnick Doll $22

Happy Shopping!

I actully want to get the Effle doll… but I’ll wait for BC’s clearance sales. 🙂

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50th Anniversary Skipper

Posted by helen on March 18, 2014

when this doll was first sneak-peeked on BFC last year, I thought she was cute & I wanted her, since the wait was long, I went on eBay and bought one vintage Skipper to warm up my love for her
After that, I received a set of 2 vintage skippers as gifts. so I decided I had enough skippers, I was not going to buy the 50th Anniversary.

then, she was sold out on Barbiecollector.com faster than anyone could believe. some insane eBay sellers listed her for $240.

The doll stirred up a storm on BFC. There were a lot of hard feelings & harsh words, people were not happy.

but, she kept showing up on my computer screen even I was not looking for her, first, she was on Amazon $39.95, then she was on Yoyo.com ($30 with coupon), then she was on Walmart.com $39.99, I did not change my mind but informed my dollie friends about her avialibilities. some of them were able to snatch her up.

finally, she showed up on Kmart… I thought she was meant to be mine. so I bought her. paid $42.50 including sales tax. I also saw her on ToysRus online.

bad news or good news, she is going to have a twin sister and deal with Sibling rivalry. Mattel will release a Brunette in August. An eMail perhaps has arrived in your inBox if you are a BC’s Newsletter subscriber.

just my opinion, they could have made the Brunette’s outfits in other colors. such as Gold, Pink, Green… whatever…

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Today, everyone is Irish

Posted by helen on March 17, 2014

In the name of Irish, BarbieCollector offered 17% on every item in its online shop, so it received my 2nd order of this year.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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