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Barbie’s new Star Power

Posted by Helen on February 22, 2014

I have to admire Barbie’s enthusiasm for movie stars and the energy she puts on chasing them.

here I was  told A New Barbie doll will be released later this year, Barbie Portraits Chinese Actress, Singer, Producer, Style Icon  Fang BingBing

I have never watched any of her movies, neither did I hear her sing.  my beloved Fashion commentators Tom & Lorenzo often “WERQ”  her, that’s how she got my attention.  I think she is truly a beauty. some of her fashions are  pieces of art, like this one: http://tomandlorenzo.com/2012/05/cannes-werq-fan-bingbing-in-chris-bu-kewen/

it was reported that the Actress visited Mattel on Feb 26, 2013, Mattel designers drew inspirations from the fashions she wore and will present collectors a new doll in her likeness. The price is  Chinese Yuan ¥888  (US$145)

I do not know if its just a rumor or she is an Asian Market Exclusive or she will be distributed in USA. but photos of the doll has been circling around on Weibo.com (China’s Twitter)

if you like the Empress of Golden blossom, you will like this one, too. her dress is very “golden”, with Dragon design, a symbol of Chinese Royalty.

I guess Mattel does not give up Chinese Market.

A weibo user posted a photo of Mattel’s Booth at a Trade Show in Shnghai, China on 2/19/2014

Fan BingBing visiting Mattel’s Headquarter in CA, USA
A Barbie Girl:

20 Responses to “Barbie’s new Star Power”

  1. helen said

    hi, people, If you are a BFC member, please do NOT post this “fan bingbing” doll on BFC board saying you got news from me. I dont want them to accuse me of “spreading rumors”! 🙂 besides, the Moderators will remove your post anyway.

  2. Nicole said

    Wow She is Pretty! Could you Please let me know where And How much I can buy her for, When Or IF You find out anymore information on her….?

  3. Nicole said

    Ok Thank You for any information. I appreciate it!

  4. Nicole said

    BTW I Love your work I have a few of your dresses and One of your dolls, You do amazing work!!

  5. Nicole said

    LOL I KNOW you could!!! And Maybe Even do a better Job at it !!!!

  6. Romona said

    She’s nice. I hope to have access to buying her.

  7. Colleen said

    Of course, you-know-who already posted on BFC that you posted this. *sigh* But what a gorgeous doll! I love the accuracy of the fashion!

    • helen said

      *Sigh* some People really dont read. they just look up the pictures and get excited. Okay, I hope I dont get myself into troubles. Probably one of the MODs will shut that thread down. lol

  8. helen said

    her fans say she loves Barbie and she looks like Barbie!

  9. Nicole said

    Wow I can’t beleive that some people can’t read that you asked to NOT share this information.
    It seem like they are trying to get you in trouble …???

    • helen said

      you know BFC does not like anything “unofficial”, Mods often shut down members’ postings if they mention a new doll that is not sneak-peeked on forum. Also, some demanding members get MAD as they feel that they paid $24.95, they should be the 1st one to know everything.

      one time I was asked to remove a blog entry about the convention dolls “in the swim”, as I posted 2 weeks before the convention started. the Mod(now retired) was very polite, she worte to me “you dont have to, but I would appreciate…. “, so I removed it.

      That’s why I do not like sharing on BFC

    • Hi Nicole, I can read (not perfectly because english is not my fist language). I just did’t saw it. So please next time on the board just send me a PM. I’m quite nice and don’t want to get people in trouble 🙂

  10. Hi Helen, Here Rogier. I saw this on Facebook and posted about it on the Bulletin board. And no it is not like some people saying here that I want to get you in trouble.
    When you read you blog you don’t see it that you asked not to post it on Barbie Collector.
    Someone at the board told me that you asked not to talk about this.
    So I went back to your site to read it again and again but I couldn’t find it. Then I saw that you can click on the comments. And there it was.

    So Sorry. I asked them to remove my post.

    I hope you understand I didn’t want you to get in trouble I was very enthusiastic about this Barbie just like the Indian movie dolls from a few months ago. And I didn’t knew you were a member from the board and thought it was cool news to share.

    • helen said

      Thank you, Rogier. I appreciate that you let me know. Its not a problem, you may edit your BFC post and remove my name from your thread.
      As I explained before, BFC hates “unofficial”, the world knows that I am everything but “official” 🙂

  11. Sandra said

    Unofficial or not, whether we buy her or not, great news and great info. Always love your posts. xoxoxo

  12. Cien Olid said

    She is already available here in the Philippines. I believe she is an asian market exclusive. She retails for 3799.75 pesos ($85.25).

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