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Doll-free months

Posted by helen on February 11, 2014

I have not purchased any dolls since I decided to declutter & set my  “new purchasing guide”

I probably have gone extreme.  I did  not even buy the hottest 50th Anniversary Skipper –She  kept popping up on my laptop screen, the price went as low as $30 on YoYo (with coupon code), later she showed up again on Walmart for $39.95.    I passed the good deals to my friends, some were able to catch her!

I did not buy the BFC 2014 Club doll “Cupid’s Kisses”, either. The more I look at her, the more she is like the Evil Queen Stepmother of Snow White.  She certainly bears the evil price label — it’s a  “Value-based pricing” strategy  Mattel used to get you!  It wont work with me. I think if the 50th Skipper is $39.99, Cupid Kisses should be $34.99,  her edition size is bigger, and she has less accessories than the Skipper has. BFC overestimated Fan’s enthusiasm & inflated the prices by 50%.  she would be worth $75 if her edition size were  1,000.  but it is 5,000.

so I am not buying but I have plenty dolls to play with

my  50 Anniversary Brunette Skipper in “Paris Pink” Dress:

The doll is  a vintage Skipper, a gift from a great friend, I did some  restoration work and made her new outfits, oh, the dress has aqua blue version, too.

Since I have bunch of  “Solo in the Spotlights” Repro dolls, I selected one of them  to be “my Valentine”:

do you like to have some Chocolate?

I pity all these who bought Cupid Kisses doll and had to restyle her ponytail.  she is not a Barbie Basics, you paid $75,  the job should be Mattel’s workers, not yours.


2 Responses to “Doll-free months”

  1. Sandra said

    I’ve been trying to cut back as well. Doing better but not as disciplined as you are!!

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