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Winter Rhapsody Barbie

Posted by helen on December 25, 2013

this Winter Rhapsody Barbie doll, one eBay seller sold it for $0.99, plus $6 shipping.   the other seller insists the doll is worth $5,000. she has repeatedly listed it for  4 times and  is desperately waiting for Santa to find her a buyer.  ebay item 281220537159,   281224992962, 281229424930,  281233364619

some people are just not afraid of asking.  shame on you

that is eBay item


9 Responses to “Winter Rhapsody Barbie”

  1. bubblehunt said

    He thinks because it’s all 17 years old that it must be worth a lot lol

  2. davedave84 said

    That’s so funny. We see stuff like this a lot, don’t we? There’s someone on my local craigslist asking 100 dollars for the 2000 Holiday Barbie, when there are 2 others selling the same thing for around 10-15 dollars.

    • helen said

      but from 0.99 to 5,000, that’s 5000 times more. some sellers think “it never hurts to ask”, actually, it does hurt. it hurts the PR image. buyers are not fools, when they see a seller is so greedy, they doubt the seller has the very basic decency & integrity to do business.

      dont tell me this seller doesnt know the market price, he knows very well. a friend of mine even messaged him about the 0.99 item.

      yes, there are bunch of this kind of people out there, I remember I bought an Eizabeth Taylor doll for $15, then, on the day the actress died, one eBay seller put up this doll for $25,000. she even stated the money would go to her daughter’s college fund. I was like, Gee, you’d better teach your daughter the value of hardwork but not being a scammer on eBay.

    • helen said

      file report to http://www.ripoffreport.com/

  3. I’m trying to find the real value. I have this doll. It’s like new in the box. I was going through all of them to donate to a local charity. Can you imagine my surprise. I’m just looking for a realistic value.

  4. Sandra said

    I’m just seeing this. Wow! You always find amazing stuff on ebay.

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