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singing blues again..

Posted by helen on October 6, 2013

September was a great month for shoppers, there were lots & lots “end of season” sales both online and offline.  I  enjoyed buying myself some brand-name clothes at incredibly low prices,  many dolls came home, too.  I also spend more than $120 on fabrics.

What a pity I missed the “Mermaid silkstone gown”  at walmart.com –she went down from $125 to $76 and  was in my shopping cart but slipped away when I clicked on checkout, I got the “out of stock” message after I entered the promotion code & gift Card number, so I was one step behind other shoppers.  hopefully, she will come back at low price again.

Now I have to live within a very tight budget & pay off CC debt this month,  I plan only to buy the “Happy New Year Eve” club exclusive, but I’ll never know what will catch my interests & break my own rules –rules are set to be broken, so it wont be a surprise if I buy one dozen more dolls.

although Many are crazy about the “vampire beauty”, I think  if I want her, I’ll find her on eBay at reasonable prices .  The  Queen of constellations price has gone down,   see how low she is on eBay? http://www.ebay.com/itm/171121278138  ($60)  http://www.ebay.com/itm/111170358800 ($70)  and sales tax free.

many often complain about eBay prices, I never did. when many people buy for resale purposes, you can expect the price drops at some point.

12 Responses to “singing blues again..”

  1. desu said

    very boring dress and little copy of glimmer bow.

    • helen said

      nothing here is exciting. its a place for boring people. interesting & smart people dont visit here. for your info, its not a copy of glimmer (what & who is glimmer anyway? oohh, you mean the dress that copied from Marchesa?) but free vintage pattern McCall 101 released in 1954. so now you know who I copy. I guess you were born after year 2002, so you dont know what was like in 1950s.

      • desu said

        Yes but to make your creation little worth you are going to 1950 but for your consideration this dress bow style is orignally made by robert best in glimmer dress now check and then made your own creation.

      • helen said

        I dont need to copy Robert Best, the dress I made is a day-in & day-out dress that people have made 250 zillions of it. I copied the one my grandma wore before Robert Best was born.

        here is a lesson for you to learn where Robert Best’s “glimmer” came from:

        I may not know much about the boring Sari in your country, but I know almost every orginal desgin that Robert Best has copied. from Chanel to Merchesa, from cristobal Balenciaga to Lavin, etc… so you dont have to come here to brag your knowledge–totally a waste!


  2. Minetta Brown said

    I remember the 50s Lived through them,what a wonderful time to be alive.I love your new creations.I received my Spiderweb dresses beautiful.I put the Gold one on F”uschia n’Fur”Francie,Fantastic.and the orange one on Hollywood Hostess.They hang so well on the silkies.Thanks.

    • helen said

      Thank you Minetta.
      I often browse 50s fashion online, I found them elegant. you have fond memories of them! Glad you liked your spider dresses. Francie & Hostess must be very happy!! 🙂

  3. desu said

    Yes you really don’nt know about sari and you admitt and really it is good but you take what I wrote in wrong way what I really want is your own creation and I know you are very good in it but for now make a unique dress by your imagenation and see the deffrence.

  4. Minetta Brown said

    Hi do you still have the singing blues Again?I evidently didn’t see her when I was browsing.I really like it.LMK.Thanks.Netta

    • helen said

      Thanks a bunch, Netta. the dresses has been auctioned off on eBay a while back. I no longer have the same fabric, but can make it in other colors for you if you like.

  5. Minetta Brown said

    Hello again ,I just put in an order on your for Sale order page I think I ordered 4,plus if you still have a singing the blues again,that would make 5 (I don’t know the price of “Blues”But if you can put them together & send a price (bill) to PayPal I will send the money.
    ALSO do you reroot for other people?LMK.Thanks.Minetta

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