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Posted by helen on June 24, 2013

the past week was a nightmare. I started my week with headache and toothache, then..

lots of mice & rats invaded our building, it was so disgusting, according to the news report, there are more mouse populations than Human beings in NYC! 3 of these little bastards entered my apartment, I was terrified. since my place is so small, 4 glue boards were all it took, they all got caught within hours. I had no mercy but trashed the glue boards, I wondered what these animal lovers would say about it.

then, my computer got virus attack, the browser was hijacked again (it happened 2 years ago in Jan, 2011), whenever I wanted to go online, it redirected me to malicious websites like MonsterMarketPlace, etc.  I was so  mad!   It would be a better idea if I just “spring-clean” my computer & reinstall the operating system, but the Window Vista Home Vision I am using is so old, if I reinstall it, I’ll need to download lots of updates and service pack II, I was not willing to do that, so I spent all of my time & energy to go through system files and  window registry manually. 😦    when I thought I had fixed it & tried to go “pineterest.com”, well, my computer started downloading “Internet Security Pro 2013”,  (a new virus),  it was so bad, I couldnt even open window task manager.  if the hacker stood in front of me, I’d just killed him without remorse! (wow I was that angry). the battle lasted 2 days,  now everything is back to normal and runs faster than ever.

so computer was sick, so is the sewing machine, the bottom thread is loose, since I was exhausted and frustrated after all the time I have wasted on my computer,  I didnt think I wanted to  take the sewing machine apart and fix the problem myself. so I went online and ordered a new one. hope it gets here safe & sound…  now I am one step further from the Barbie Convention, b/c I was not suppose to buy a new sewing machine, but should use that $$$ to buy airline tickets.

I wasnt productive last week, but still made 10 new dresses. here are a few  of them

1. checker & cherry

2. Mardi Grass

3. Barbie #1

4.  Nostalgia

I keep making simple styles,  life is easier this way.

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  1. davedave84 said

    Whew, sounds like a busy time for you!

    I’m against animal abuse, but I understand the need to exterminate rodents. I think glue traps are bad, because the mouse will either starve to death or die of dehydration… unneccessary torture. But I won’t harp on you for that.

    I hate when I get computer troubles like that! Well, it’s most often my bff, who downloads all this unneccessary junk… So I have to fix it for him, which is just as bad! lol

    Well, if you have to, maybe you can return the sewing machine before the convention, then buy it again afterwards? lol I always love your dresses!

  2. Well Helen, even though you may not think you were productive i would say you were and inspite of all your troubles.


  3. angelbarbie8 said

    Hello Helen, Sorry you had a bunch of problems, glad things are going better… Love the Barbie #1 Dress…. Will you be selling this one, If Yes How much…?

    ~NICOLE~ 🙂


  4. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog and am in awe of your tiny dressmaking skills! Wanted to ask if you used a pattern for the “holiday in Rome” skirt? Do you make your own patterns? Sell them? I just saw this skirt from McCalls that looks so much like the red skirt you made! http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m6799-products-47108.php?page_id=96

    • helen said

      Thanks, Susan, I dont use patterns, the skirt is pretty easy, everyone can do. perhaps I’ll write a tutorial later.

  5. Minetta Brown said

    Hello I just love #3 &#4 they are so pretty,I wish I had your talent,I am lucky if I can thread a needle.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lori said

    Helen, sorry you are having a bad week! Sending you lots of hugs!! Is the Mardi Gras dress for sale? Would love to buy it!

  7. bubblehunt said

    I’m sorry to hear you were having a rough week! At least the problems were resolved 🙂

    Since I’ve been in the states, I haven’t seen any rodents except in the zoo 😛 However, rats were rampant where I used to live. Every few month the government would hand out food laced with poison so we could put it out for the rats/mice. A day or two later we would leave buckets of dead rats/mice for the trash to pick up. Once in awhile we would see a few dead dogs and cats because their owners forgot to secure them and they ate the poison left for the rats!

  8. Gretchen said

    Hi, Helen. I am so sorry to learn about your bad week. Hope you never get one like that again. Lucky you know your way around a computer and could fix it. I liked your Mardi Gras dress; you do beautiful work. Hope things get better from now on.

    • helen said

      Thank you Gretchen, my computer is so fragile. I know it wont be the last time it caught virus. lol glad I didnt have to buy a new computer, but a new sewing machine also cost an arm and a leg. 😦

  9. Donna Carlen said

    Your dresses are gorgeous. Where on earth do you get the Barbie fabrics?

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