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The new Audrey Hepburn Doll

Posted by helen on June 14, 2013

I was reading BFC people’s comments on the pictures of the Prototype Roman Holidays Barbie Doll. I have seen it at Toy Fair, I agree with people who said the doll’s head & body are not well proportioned–at least, that’s the impression the prototype picture is giving us. but it could be the outfits she wears are unflattering, or the bad angle of the Picture was taken, etc.

Here is a change of perspective:

The doll on the left is Mattel’s prototype, the one on the right is a product of PhotoShop. can you tell the differences? the head size is smaller, and her body is a little bit fuller. and — I like my dolls wear brighter colors. so the skirt is now in pink.

Actually, I figured the skirt is a problem == the materials used to make this skirt is too stiff, it has to be flowy chiffon.

see her skirt in the picture below has lots drapes, but the Barbie doll’s doesnt have. I would rather have the other 2 set costumes made, but Mattel always chooses the easist.

6 Responses to “The new Audrey Hepburn Doll”

  1. Minetta Brown said

    You are right the Mattel one has the BHS.Thanks for sharing.Is this one on the right going to be for sale?

  2. I wonder if they’re going to use the original Tiffany’s head, or go with one of the generic Barbie heads, Big Head or otherwise would be very disappointing for Audrey fans!

    • helen said

      I think the head scuplt is same as the original, but the factory in Indonesia intends to blow up the head bigger. its a technique problem. some silkstone doll heads are way to big, its the same face mold, but some dolls’ head is bigger than the others’ I have no idea what happened in the production made doll heads bigger, I wish I could visit the factory to find out why they can not control the size.

  3. molekiss said

    I wonder why some silkstone barbie had hydrocephalus,comparing to 2000 silkstone much smaller head and lot of playline barbie has bighead they look terrible with slim body.

    • helen said

      I was told the silkstone head’s bigger size has something to do with Factory’s production procedure. sometimes it blows up larger,

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