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how often do you play?

Posted by helen on May 14, 2013

The more dolls I have, the less time I play.   I have boxes and boxes of loose dolls, I feel I can smell the plastic, it may be not very healthy to keep so many dolls in a small place.  When I didn’t have many dolls, I certainly played more. Each doll was loved and played. Now  I hardly  play dolls. when new dolls come home,  my task would be finding them a spot to rest, thenI forget all about them.  my Party Dress & Gala Gown silkstone dolls have collected plenty dust, I have left them on living room coffee table for months now.

when I was googling images yesterday evening, I found  a set of my own!   It reminds how much I liked to play the dolls.  now I am more a “dust collector” than a  doll player

(perhaps I am stealing someone’s bandwidth, but the hosting site is a free site anyway… so hope the photos show up without big red “X”)

Princess of China


at sea

at sea

Jet Setter

rather be a model than a princess

the Jet Setter

Evening Wear

Princess of China on the itnernational stage

under the spotlight


The photos were taken in March, 2007.  not so long after I started collecting Barbie.


11 Responses to “how often do you play?”

  1. davedave84 said

    Firstly, I want to say that I hope you don’t stop posting here… I love reading about your dolls and seeing your fun pictures 🙂

    Second… I find that I am doing the same. I have recently started thinking about this, and what a coincidence you posted about it. When I started collecting dolls (as an adult) I would play. Not a lot, but I would give the dolls attention… I would wash and shampoo the ones that I found secondhand, and I would enjoy spending time with them. I would be excited with whatever new doll I found as well.

    Now I have so many and I’ve been getting them so often that I barely give attention to the newly acquired ones before another one comes in. I have evolved in my doll collecting to collecting dolls that mean more to me. When I first started collecting, I would often get any Barbie that came across my path at a thrift store, and the occasional well-priced new Barbie at a store. The ‘regular’ Barbie dolls that I used to love have found their way into one of my pink plastic storage bins I put my Barbies and accessories in, and more than half of my collecton is all but forgotten. I guess that comes with the territory… if I collect more dolls, the more dolls I’ll have, and the less time I’ll have to spend with each of them. I think that I will go through my dolls this summer and make some decisions to part with the lesser-loved dolls, so I can focus on the dolls I like the best. And I’ll only buy a doll I really love… that should help my situation!

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. aeclea said

    I do the same thing! I do have a drawer of just dolls to play with (mostly rescued thrift store dolls); but, since I went back to school in 2011 to finally finish my B.A. in English Interdisciplinary Writing, I don’t even play or look in my doll closet anymore. I graduate in December 2013, so perhaps there will be some “play” in my future. Take care, Analee

  3. bubblehunt said

    It depends on the type of collector you are. I enjoy displaying and looking at my dolls in their untouched condition. All of my dolls are displayed including the NRFB ones. I do not enjoy redressing, repainting their faces, restyling their hair, photographing them, etc. because I don’t have the talent and patience to do these things. I don’t think it makes me less of a collector. I like looking at them rather than messing them up 🙂

    I enjoy reading your blog. It has a bit of everything from helpful tips like how to spot splayed legs, promos about Barbie deals, fantastic re-rootings and outfits you’ve made, musing like today’s topic. I check your blog daily even if I don’t post so I hope the Doll Saga stays put.

  4. MajorMistakes said

    I guess it’s a common things…and a sad one.
    I’m not a collector, I own only playline (ok, and one and beloved OOAK doll) but I can understand your feeling. I just checked my dolls’ box (still ONE box) and decide that some of them are ready to go.

    I dont know what is the best part of dolls for you- playing with them or owning them. However, perhaps this is the time when you could check your collection and try to sell those less loved?

    On the different note: it’s kind of magic, I have just found on ebay a rather cheap princess of China doll and wasn’t sure if I want her or WANT her. Now, your pictures made me decide 🙂

  5. dollsaga said

    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!

    Before I “got involved with Barbie”, I had a neat aparment, but now the place is a hot mess. Some dirty water came out of my kitchen sink today, I didnt call my Super, b/c if he sees a “house of junks”, the building management may want me to move out. I have tons of doll boxes, wrapping paper, dolls, fabric… all over the places.

    It has come to a point that I must cut down the numbers of dolls & the amount of fabric I have in this place. I want my living space back.

    I do not know why I collect, perhaps there are too many losses and tragedies in my life. he past 2 years have been tough, so the number of dolls grew rapidly: Barbie is the only thing that will not go away if I dont want her to, I can hold them and have 100% control: their hairstyles, their clothes, their makeup… etc. they look the way I want them to, they serve as a comfort and false assurance that I am still in Control.

    but changes are coming! I want to be brave and cope with my problems. I do not want all these dolls at my bedside on the day I die.

  6. davedave84 said

    I definitely can relate, Helen… A part of the reason I guess I collect too many Barbies is the same as yours, like you said, because Barbie won’t leave if I don’t want her to.
    I just recently realised this, that collecting Barbie has become a kind of therapy. I don’t want that to be the case… I want to collect Barbie because I enjoy her. I’m in the same boat as you, and I am going to make changes too! You give me hope and I wish you the best outcome possible. 🙂

    and as for having your Super come over to fix the sink… perhaps you can stuff all you can into the bedroom or a closet or under the bed? Maybe even in your car for the day so they won’t see. They can only evict you if there is damage to the apartment caused by you, or if there is so much stuff that you couldn’t get out in case of a fire, if it’s a fire hazard.

    • dollsaga said

      Its too much stuff in my place, things are piling up on the floor. I’ve bought tons of things since last Oct. Not only dolls, fabrics, my own clothings, etc. unless I rent a storage, thereis no where to hide them.

      I forgive myself since there were a series of tragedies in the family. I can see more is coming… its scary when old folks who loved you so much start departing from the planet…

      My Super’s last visit was when I had some water damage in the bathroom one and a half years ago, it wasn’t so bad at all, nothing on the floor. all the collections were well managed. Super paid compliments on the dolls displayed in my “showcase”.

      I sealed my drain pipe, so water wont come up. There must be a clog in one of my neighbors’ drain pipe, then the water changed its directly and came out of my sink. now let the neighbor have Super fixt it.

      It will take days and days for me to tidy up my place, I am aware of my problems and not in denial like many hoarders, the situation will get better. I already donated and sold some of my clothes, I will work on dolls and fabrics.

      life is just like that, you have problems, you face it, find solutions and move on to be a wiser person.

      Thanks, Dave, sharing thoughts with you make me feel so much better… hope you will never have to be in the place where I stand now…

      • davedave84 said

        I do understand more than you know… my best friend, who is also my roommate, is the same way. I can also have a hard time letting go of things. I have more than my good share of ‘stuff’ that’s accrued over time lol

      • dollsaga said

        it seems hopeless at this point, the more I want to clean up, the more stuffs I buy–well, 4 more dolls are coming home.

      • You are so right. Collectables need a lot of organization. But they do bring a lot of joy. The China Doll is beautiful. Is there one doll that you identify with? Did you take all the photos yourself? I tend to clutter so they told me you bring in one item you get rid of one item and it cuts down clutter.. But it doesn’t work that way because I can’t decide and I buy two, and then don’t get rid of any. (Don’t know if that helps; I have the same problem) Your dolls are just beautiful, like the one of a kind you did of Elvira. It’s breathtaking.
        Thank you for sharing them with us.

      • dollsaga said

        u r welcome, I hope NO doll hoarders in the world, but only Collectors. 🙂
        I have long long way to go!

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