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“Cocktail Dress” Barbie Doll

Posted by helen on May 8, 2013

she is fashionably late, I ordered her in late Feb, she arrived in May.

The Dress is lovely, lots layers

her makeup  is not my favortie, , I think I like the looks of Debut, Gal on the Go, Gala Gown, Tribute,  this cocktail, nothing pops to make her special . plain Jane look all the way.

The back of the dress looks terrible, It degrades the dress from Atelier Couture to  “Pretty Girl” (a  $9.99 clothing  Store in NYC)  lets call it “Shabby Chic”.

okay, I think I  like the one I made  in Feb better, when I was tied of pre-orders

I’m  going to expend my”cocktail” collections:


10 Responses to ““Cocktail Dress” Barbie Doll”

  1. Sandra said

    I’m really glad you got her. I haven’t ordered yet. I’m excited to see your creations based on the fashion! I like yours better too. This one might stain so I hope your doll doesn’t have any marks!

    • dollsaga said

      hope you get yours soon, Sandra. but she wont sell out anytime soon.
      Gee, I forgot to mention, the doll body is wrapped up with cellophane. so her dress does not make direct contact with her body. they could have used white tulle as lining, it would solve all the problems.

  2. dollsaga said

    “No more 14,200 worldwide” —the doll will go on clearance sale some day. 14,200 is a large number. if you are patient, you will have good chances to have her at a half price.

  3. Minetta Brown said

    Hi,I love your designs much better & the colors.But you just keep teasing me.

  4. Mine is on the way. I pre-ordered her together with the Mermaid Gown which I got just yesterday. Mermaid is very pretty IMO. Nothing to upset me besides a lack of accessories. For her price I wish she would have at least a pair of earrings or better yet add a necklace or bracelet to complete the look. Speaking of the this one, yes, the back is pretty bad. Hopefully it is just this particular specimen and not a whole batch of dolls. Then again they are making her in a surprisingly large number ( about 14,000 plus I was informed) so this kind of problem is not surprising. I even heard some people saying that the doll’s head is of a different skin tone than the body. I wonder if your doll has the same problem Helen?

    • dollsaga said

      the skintone of her head is slightly darker than her body, I noticed it right away, but I did not consider it as a problem, as it occurred so often before—all the silkstone ken dolls have the same problem, they are much worse than this cocktail doll. some of my other silkstones are like this, too.

  5. Cindy said

    Congrats on Cocktail Dress Barbie! I love her hair color! And your version is absolutely Beautiful!!

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