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silkstone foot postures

Posted by helen on May 4, 2013

many collectors have said they do not like splayed legs, while others have never noticed or noticed  but do not mind at all.

The pictures below show you the differences:

The AA doll on the left of your screen (Evening Gown Barbie Doll) has splayed legs, the doll on the right (fashion designter) has a professional fashion model posture with her legs crossed.

All the dolls from the palm beach collection have splayed legs, wich reduced their popularities. with a posture like this,  they dont stand steady on their stands,  either.  The crossed legs work like a clamp to hold the straddle stand


8 Responses to “silkstone foot postures”

  1. Minetta Brown said

    I never really knew the difference.Thanks for the education.

  2. bubblehunt said

    I have heard of splayed legs but didn’t really know the difference either. Good to know! Glad to have you back 😛

  3. davedave84 said

    I like that there is another look to go with the more common one, but I also think that it would be nice if it were an option, like you could order it with the splayed feet or the crossed feet. That would be too much trouble for Mattel, though.

  4. Sandra said

    Thanks Helen, now I know as well. I haven’t taken any Silkstones out of the box for quite some time. I remember there was a big furor over this but I don’t remember if there was a resolution. Are they still splayed?

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