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free market economy & Hitler teapot

Posted by helen on May 30, 2013

we all know many people hate to see Platinum dolls are sold for highter prices on eBay, but it cant be more rediculous than this one:
Someone spotted that one of the Teapots JC Penny carries looks like Hitler,

some eBay sellers Immediately put it up on eBay, one auction ended at $150.

now, some sellers want even more: $249.99!

Dont get mad, have a good laugh! It really helps you to understand what “capitalism” is. and its good for the struggling JCPenny.

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Beaded Gown

Posted by helen on May 29, 2013

Its always a “nerve wracking” moment for many Barbie collectors when a new Platinum Label doll goes on sale. The topic is too old, I dont feel like talking about it anymore. Bottom line: Issuing platinum doll is a Marketing Strategy, the purpose is to create a sense of immediacy and exclusivity to attract public attentions, it enhances the “valuable” “hard-to-get” image of Barbie Collector Brand to arouse potential collectors’ interests and keep the old ones around. The higher its 2ndary market prices go, the happier Mattel’s Marketing Strategists are. The goal is not to let everyone have it but make everyone want it! If the price on ebay drops, it means the failure of their marketing plan. so don’t bash eBay sellers, Mattel is a part of the plot. Without eBay & other 2ndary markets, the “Barbie Collector” brand sales will drop by 15%-30%. the Brand may not survive at all.

Now you have seen the doll, as I said before, she looks like a Napkin Holder with a jeweled napkin ring. the bodice of the gown is made of black satin, the “Napkin” (drapes) is made of faux Dupioni. most “beads” are glued on, not sewn on. I peronsally think the simply-constructed gown and no-styling-at-all hairstyle make this doll worth much less than its price label bears. I would never pay high price for her in 2ndary market.

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downtown girls

Posted by helen on May 28, 2013

I have nothing new, just want to post a picture to start a new day:

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Happy Memorial Day

Posted by helen on May 27, 2013

wishing you a great day

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Silkstone Doll Dresses for sale

Posted by helen on May 24, 2013

updates: THANK YOU ALL for YOUR SUPPORTS, Both Dresses are on the way to their new owners

I have 2 dresses available for sale, I thought I’d give them a try here before I toss them up on eBay.

Brand New

Retro Styled Barbie Sheath Made of 100% premium cotton fabric features silkstone doll sketches tossed over on cream background. Fully lined. Ship via 1st class mail with delivery confirmation. Domestic shipping only.

2 styles are slightly different:

Style A:
Click here to Puchase: http://dollsaga.ecrater.com/p/18047032/barbie-silkstone-ooak-retro-vintage

Style B:
Click here to Purchase: http://dollsaga.ecrater.com/p/18047027/barbie-silkstone-ooak-retro-vintage

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Queen of the Constellations™ Barbie® Doll

Posted by helen on May 22, 2013

She arrived soon after I finished the fight for that Platinum Beaded Gown Barbie on  BC website.

Her Majesty looks angry & cold.
her proudction number is 7300, I think it will take 9 to 12 months for her to sell out. I wish I didnt order her but waited for a sale.

her cape is made of  polyester Jacquard with gold threads.  the fabric is not really double-sided or Reversible, but they turned  the  wrong side  out  anyway,  so you see the gold stripes instead of  gold dots.  her dress is made of nylon knit, the dress is not removeable.   If you have these “celebration disco” dolls or “Fashionista” fashion packs, you shoule be very familar with thi kind of fabric.

her face is very pale,  I  was unable to take good photos of her.

this photo was taken under “auto” mode:

This one was taken under “Manual” mode:

I didnt take a photo of her shoes, but a nice fellow did, you can see a photo of her shoes here.

if you have not ordered her, perhaps you should wait for a sale,  25% discount  on this doll would make your purchase more reasonable.

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Club Night–Lets “Cher”

Posted by helen on May 20, 2013

Club Night again!  this time we celebrated  legendary  entertainer  Cher’s  67th Birthday.  Our host made a great presentation of  a large collection of  Cher Dolls & costumes made by Mego Corp.  Unfortunately, this is the 2nd time around,  I forgot to take my camera with me. So I lost my opportunities to take photos of Mego’s  Cher & her wardrobes,   they are all called “vintage”  now.

Below are a set of  pictures of my “Travel Doll” Cher.  she is pretty cool, isn’t she?



I’ll say it again: If you have not joined a club, find one to join, online or offline, its fun to interact with people who share your hobbies.

Here is a link to the local Barbie Doll clubs that are recognized  by Mattel, click on the State you are in to see if there is one near you, if not, go toFacebook  or Yahoo! Groups & find one!


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Would You Clone Your Head Onto a Doll’s Body

Posted by helen on May 18, 2013

spending $1,300—you can take advantage of  the modern 3-D Tech to have a doll made that looks eaxactly like you.  $1,300 is  much cheaper  than some OOAK dolls on eBay,  none of these eBay artists can beat 3-d tech to make the doll look as real as you are.

“human doll cloning in Japan” is not very new, an old article I read was from 2 years ago:


but all the sudden, some Web sites decide to retell the story:


more to read:


Now Mattel needs to have all the celebrity dolls made in Japan’s Clone Factory.  let technicians take over the  artists. oops, some people are going to lose their jobs  lol

by the way, I’d never want a doll looks like me. creepy.

Happy weekend!

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Platinum–“black & white” Beaded Gown

Posted by helen on May 15, 2013

Mattel’s Platinum Label only means “low proeudction number” –No more than 1,000 unit produced.  it doesnt not represent the highest quality, it doesnt wear the higest price label, either.

1st platinum this year (maybe one & only) will go on sale on May 22nd.


the dress says “Barbie Loves Napkin-folding arts”, and she serves like a napkin holder, even with a jeweled napkin ring on the waist.

Certainly this is not the first time Barbie showed her interests in Napkin Folding, see this  Barbie worked hard on someone’s Wedding Day.  its also in Black & white

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how often do you play?

Posted by helen on May 14, 2013

The more dolls I have, the less time I play.   I have boxes and boxes of loose dolls, I feel I can smell the plastic, it may be not very healthy to keep so many dolls in a small place.  When I didn’t have many dolls, I certainly played more. Each doll was loved and played. Now  I hardly  play dolls. when new dolls come home,  my task would be finding them a spot to rest, thenI forget all about them.  my Party Dress & Gala Gown silkstone dolls have collected plenty dust, I have left them on living room coffee table for months now.

when I was googling images yesterday evening, I found  a set of my own!   It reminds how much I liked to play the dolls.  now I am more a “dust collector” than a  doll player

(perhaps I am stealing someone’s bandwidth, but the hosting site is a free site anyway… so hope the photos show up without big red “X”)

Princess of China


at sea

at sea

Jet Setter

rather be a model than a princess

the Jet Setter

Evening Wear

Princess of China on the itnernational stage

under the spotlight


The photos were taken in March, 2007.  not so long after I started collecting Barbie.

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