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Posted by helen on March 16, 2013

When the Raven Haired Debut Mattle made for 2009 Paris Convention entered collectors’ eyesight,   her price immediately soared up to 1,000 on ebay.   b/c of her, I started rerooting silkstones dolls, and I made bunch of Debuts with colorful hair

Mattel offered a blonde Luncheon Ensemble for this year’s Paris Convention.. if I am not so lazy, i should make one myself. I would make her  wear light Green outfits , hair color? perhaps bubble gun pink? or green?

lets see how high her price will go up on eBay–I am always very  interested in  market-watch.


5 Responses to “Variations”

  1. Aisha said

    Interesting !

    The redhead luncheon looks prettier to me – I like her print dress alot more, plus I dont like that they didnt make her turban pink to match her dress, or white to match her heels.

    Im just surprised they chose her rather than the other more popular designs like Boater or Cocktail dress (Imagine that dress in white with a raven ponytail !)

  2. Steph-a-nie said

    Helen, all of your re-roots are lovely! I have a few rows to finish my first ever re-root (vinyl head not silkstone), and I don’t know how you were able to do so many as this one is driving me crazy!!!

  3. I think you should give it a try and re-root Miss Luncheon in various colors.

  4. And you think they will comw out with something more imaginative than that. Convention dolls suppose to be exceptional in work and design, but this doll is neither. The blond doll is rather pretty, but why would they release an alternate version of the same doll for a convention? Don’t conventions warrant a special doll created especially for it? That’s one thing. The more surprising fact is what people are willing to pay for her. People who didn’t even bother about the gold label Luncheon Ensemble now pays to the nose for this girl just because of the convention/Platinum Label status. I could just laugh at them…

    • dollsaga said

      no, I dont expect Mattel to offer Paris Fashion doll convention a new design. Paris Fashon doll convention is NOT a Barbie-exclusive conevtion, not every attendee is a Barbie Collector, the convnetion is small, its NOT cost effective to design a new doll. so variations are fine. I have received “Barbie & rockers” repro doll from Mattel as a convention gift–not even a variation. just a doll you could find at the stores’ clearance shelfs at $9.99 . its nice Mattel has designed or made variations for Paris Convention, I think that’s b/c Mattel’s French Quarter and the doll convention have good relationship.

      US Barbie convention dolls are all designed by amateur Artists that are chosen by Barbie Convnetion itself, not by Mattel. Mattel sometimes gives attendees gift dolls. Mattel was very generous to the 2009 Barbie Convention. and for the past 2 years, we also received exclusively designed gift dolls from Mattel, such as passport to pink, in the swim, but they are not offical convention dolls.

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