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Everyone needs a Best Friend

Posted by helen on March 14, 2013

your friends are your true blessings. if you dont have any, make some!

Barbie’s Best friend Midge has been sticking around for 50 years, she got married, has 2 kids, perhaps grandkids, too. Life gets busy, she & Barbie have very different path, but they are celebrating 50 years’ friendship!

our local doll club will host “Happy 50th Birthday, Midge”  Party on March 25th, I need a travel doll, after combing through eBay, I decided that buying a Midge head would be the most economic way.

So This is what I got from a very nice eBay seller Maria:

After tons of work,  This is her new look for her 50th Birthday Party:

She will need a golden Ball Gown when our celebration Party begins, I still have time to think & Pick.

This would be my first touch on a Vintge doll. she is now on “Sparkling Pink” repro Body.


13 Responses to “Everyone needs a Best Friend”

  1. davedave84 said

    Wow, what a marvelous transformation! She looks fabulous!! In fact, she looks like Samantha from Bewitched! That makes me love her more! Amazing job!

  2. barbradoll said

    I agree, she DOES look like Samantha! What a spectacular make-over you’ve given her! She’s absolutely brilliant!

  3. Steph-a-nie said

    Wow…she looks great!! You did a marvelous job!!

  4. mangusta said

    impressive – as usually 🙂

  5. bubblehunt said

    newbie question: how did you get new hair on her head?

  6. Minetta Brown said

    You are amazing She is beautiful Congratulations.

  7. chicovintage77 said

    She looks much settle and mature than her girlfriend Barbie now (for whom Midge was only the plain looking friend who could only make her glow even more by comparisson). You have turn her into a new woman, like saying, I got a life, a man and kids, while you still switching jobs and guys…

    • dollsaga said

      when I was rerooting her hair, I thought about my best friends and their lives. our own life experiences make me believe: if Barbie & Midge were real characters, by now, Midge should look more beautiful than Barbie, as Midge’s life is happier and more content. her face glows, her beauty grows with time…. like Dave said, Barbie Might have suffered from anxiety & deep depression. the emptyness in her heart can not be filled…

  8. dollsaga said

    Many thanks, Friends! now I am really motivated to find a perfect dress for her!!

  9. Aisha said

    I really wish I had your skills ~! You are a woman of many talents – sewing, rerooting, painting, hosting – everything looks so fun ! I never have the patience or the pain threshold (seriously, after 10-20 plugs my fingers get really sore)

    Thirding the Samantha comment – I never liked vintage Midge, I dont know, she never seemed attractive to me – but she positively glows in your makeover. I really love that Marilyn-esque gold (sequin ? swarovski ?) dress

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