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what others say about you & your dolls?

Posted by helen on March 11, 2013

you  may have read the story or watched the  video  of the “Barbie Man” who caused “Media Sensation”(according to the TV News)

This guy & I are in the same Facebook groups ( or pages), he loves to post Barbie photos in every Barbie group he is in.  perhaps that’s how he was noticed by media.

Now I  invite you to read all these MSN Readers’ Comments  on this news story:


you can hardly find positive comments about him, that’s very shocking.   I thought people were nicer than that…


10 Responses to “what others say about you & your dolls?”

  1. People are mean about adult doll collectors. I tweeted him support and respect. Analee

  2. davedave84 said

    I am an adult male doll collector. I am 28 and I have been collecting dolls for about 5 years now. I have over 100, I’m sure, at least… Last count was 60+ and that was not too long after I started. I have no plans to ever stop or get rid of any of them. I had Barbies as a little boy and loved them, but was so ashamed of it when my male friends found out. I am still a little embarrassed to admit I collect them, even though I know I shouldn’t. I have a Barbie-based blog as well that I feature some of my dolls on (http://cookiesbarbies.blogspot.com/). It’s just something fun to do and not as extensive and wonderful as yours, Ms. Helen 🙂 So when I read about this guy and his collection, I was impressed. I didn’t know anyone had that many dolls! I think it’s very courageous of him to be in the news with them.

  3. barbielea said

    And yet if he collected serial killer memorabilia, nobody would bat an eyelid. What a world.

    I saw a more neutral article about him (pretty sure it was him, does his boyfriend collect Kens also?) in the Huffington post. When I say “more neutral”, the journalist didn’t use words like “weird” or “scary” but was still talking like he was the only person in the world who did this, which is odd. Isn’t doll collecting one of the most popular hobbies in America? I’m sure I read that somewhere.

    Please tell you friend I think his collection is fabulous, and so is he

  4. barbradoll said

    Aaack–poor Stanley! Probably 95% of the comments I have read on various sites that ran this story & accompanying video have been mean, rude, and downright nasty! You can be sure the people who post those comments are not doll collectors…but even some who collect other things don’t ‘get’ him, and are negative as well. I probably have as many dolls as Stanley, but don’t have the room to display them all…and after seeing him raked over the coals, I wouldn’t want anyone outside my circle of ‘doll friends’ to know! Even my immediate family thinks I’m strange; they think I’ve got OCD…that I’m spoiled, and I’m a hoarder of sorts…but none of my 4 siblings collect anything, really…so of course they don’t understand! (Okay, I may be all those things…but I’m pretty sure my doll friends wouldn’t feel that way about me…)

    I have a suspicion that some of the negativity stems from Stanley being a man that enjoys dressing very colorfully and happens to love Barbie dolls. I just don’t think a female collector would get quite as much flak…but I could be wrong. I wouldn’t want to put myself *out there* to find out! I feel bad for Stanley; he’s obviously very proud of his collection, and simply wanted to share his love of Barbie and his wonderful displays with the world. I really hope he can laugh at all the drama he’s (unwittingly) created…perhaps look at it as people reacting because they’re jealous of him. I just don’t want this hoopla to destroy him…so I hope he’s actually a tough guy under that sweet exterior! :o)

  5. MajorMistakes said

    I think that as long as your hobby (dolls collecting, cards collecting, reading fanfics, Twilight, you name it) brings something to your life everything is fine. When it takes something-like time you could spend with your family or firends, your money you could spend on yourself (and im talking about basic things-food, clothes, taxes-money you could and SHOULD invest in yourself)-its not hobby, its obsession. And I feel-only my opinion-that obsession is never good for yourself.
    As for discussion on internet….
    People who left comments propably expect him (Barbie man) being lonely, sad person… plus, his hobby is different from mainstream labbels as >proper< and he seems to be happy about being different. No wonder it erages people…

  6. Susan said

    Nobody has the right to judge Stanley or anyone else for enjoying themselves in this perfectly innocent way. I know what it feels like to be embarrassed, but why must I feel that way. Doll collecting is so much more than what a non-collector realizes. I never dreamed of all the avenues it would lead me down. Photography, fashion, re-painting, sewing, dioramas and story telling. Let alone all of the lovely people I’ve met and share a common interest with. My husband loves to see where my imagination takes me. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through my illness without them. Shame on the people who feel the need to chastise us! It makes me sick. They must be insecure in their own skin and feel the need to bring everyone else down to their level.

  7. I read the comments at msn too. It was very mean. But it just proves the opinion of the non collectors around us, especially guy collectors like Stan and myself. I’m 26 and been collecting Barbies since 2007. To me it’s a unique way of expressing my love for small. exacting details and aesthetic beauty. People around me never said it to my face, but I know they thought I’m a sad, lonely weirdo as well. It’s hurtful to be sure, but I love Barbie too much to care. Call it an obsession, disorder or whatever. I will never give up doll collecting as long as they are making these beauties to love and appreciate..;) Love to hear your thoughts about this Helen. Do you think we should justify our love of dolls to everyone around us?

  8. rnold said

    they say its a waste of money…not a good investment and it wont bring me from somewhere but nowhere….but others love it…..specially my other gay friends ang those faghag friends….but the irony is that my straight male bestfriend is the one sends my dolls from usa here to manila

  9. dollsaga said

    I dont care what others would say about me or my dolls, but I am SOOO shocked to see that so many people (can we say Majority on MSN.com) have such negative feelings about collecting dolls, and the most ugly comments get most “Like”s. I wouldnt be surprised if 85% said something positive, and 15% expressed something negative, but it seems 99% people on MSN are MEAN.

    My personal experiences have always been pleasant, people pay compliments on my dolls, once a friend and her 2 nieces came to visit, after seeing some of my dolls, her nieces wanted to sart collecting… my collecting history isnt long, when I just began, at a Christmas party, a friend announced to the Group: “Helen is now officially a Barbie Collector!” only one friend said “helen is a doll, she doesnt need to collect any dolls” –that was her very gentle way to say she did not like my craze. Others cheered me on: clipping Barbie News out of newspapers or informing me good deals in their neighborhood stores,… as I live in NY, I pay high sales taxes even I buy from online vendors from other States, one friend offered to ship dolls to his house in NJ, so I could avoid Sales Tax. .. really, I never heard anything like what MSN people say, except for some negative comments from people like TV host bill o’reilly, I could care less about what they have to say.

    I thought the society is quite open, I guess I live ahead of the time, or I am very lucky to be around with positive people.

    • rnold said

      i hate that sales tax..b4 CA isnt chargibg one on my online orders…now they do…almost 8.15% sales tax to CA on each doll transaction….and its adding up to my cost on orders……

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