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pink cocktail

Posted by helen on March 7, 2013

Accidents happen sometimes.    A bottle of Nail Remover on my desk was knocked over,  the nightmare followed — it fell on this Tribute girl,  ruined her make-up faster than a flash. her right eye & eyebrow were destroyed by the time I picked her up. 😦  I wanted to cry but I didnt.  It’s no use crying over spilt milk .   I wouldn’t cry for a ruined doll, either.  its just too painful to look at her smudge face,  she was put away .

she is now fully recovered. you can hardly tell she was damaged before.   she’s got a new pink dress for her  upcoming Birthday Party:

Now I cant decided which is better.

Pinned Image

13 Responses to “pink cocktail”

  1. Minetta Brown said

    I would really love to buy her.she is beautiful.LMK.Minetta

  2. Helen, honestly would have never noticed she had a nail polish disaster. Amazing. Hmmm, I say pink dress!

    • dollsaga said

      Thank you, Sandra, one eyebrow and one eye were repainted as the originals, but the nail remover (contains acetone) lalso eft a “scar” on her neck. I can do nothing about that. shh, dont tell anyone! if you dont tell, they dont see. lol

      • Seriously Helen, you can’t tell! I’m so sorry about her scar, but you will love her more.

      • dollsaga said

        you are so right! Sandra! she will live with me forever.

        I dont know why doll bodies are vulnerable to acetone, but not the heads (only the paint would be ruined).

        I used magic clean eraser to “polish” her corroded neck, the scar now looks much lighter. 😀

  3. bubblehunt said

    I can’t tell either. I prefer the blue dress but without the red rose.

  4. chicovintage77 said

    I can not believe what you did to a ruined doll.. she´s even more stunning now! Both dresses are beautiful, but the pink with sequins blew my heart away

    • dollsaga said

      Thanks, the only challenge was blending the colors, as I had to make the same color shades as her originals, lukily, blue & grey are not very hard to mix.

  5. Aisha said

    I kind of think shes an improvement rather than ruined ! When the pictures first loaded – I thought maybe you took off that awful out of scale glitter she had, because she looks vastly improved.

    I love the pink dress ! Im very biased though – and naturally prefer everything to be pink :p

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