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First silkstone of 2013: Luncheon Ensemble

Posted by helen on February 24, 2013

she arrived a few days ago.

when I opened box, I saw her head slanted to one side and I could see the neck & head were not completely connected,   the  “↑” shaped neck knob was not fully inserted into her head,  one side got stuck in the middle. I had to take the head off and reassemble it.

you see the neckline of this dress?  sloppy work –its asymmetric. I know some people don’t care, but that was the first thing I saw.

her head is much softer than the older silkstones, her legs are slightly splayed, but not a big problem. her face appeared to be much smaller than the walking suit.  that’s a good thing.

the whole thing looks like she has  just stepped out of a Bath Tub.  the fabric is 100% nylon, light weighted –the kind used to make parachutes.

she is pretty, but I want something different:

7 Responses to “First silkstone of 2013: Luncheon Ensemble”

  1. bubblehunt said

    Wow very disappointed to see the uneven neckline and nylon fabric!

    • dollsaga said

      Nylon is kind “waterproof”, since the coat looks so much like bath robe. lol itsnt so bad, its better than the low qaulity polyester Satin used on playline dolls.

  2. davedave84 said

    I am disappointed too to see the shoddy work on the neckline… My eyes focus in immediately on any flaws like this and I would have to get an exchange to be happy with it. When I buy a doll in stores I examine each doll of the same style to see which is the most perfect, to see if things such as the outfit don’t have the bad work like the neckline here, or if the eyes aren’t on right (you’d be surprised how many are off-centered), etc. I’m just a stickler for detail lol

    • dollsaga said

      I suspected this doll might have been returned by someone, but BC shipped it to me. her box was not wrapped in white tissue, I said her neck knob got stuck in the middle– it left a dent there, I gave her “hot water treatment” to heal the “wound”. if I send her back, they may send me another doll exactly like this. that’s why its a good idea you pick expensive dolls in the stores where you can see the dolls. my Ekaterina also wears the bad outfits.

  3. rnold said

    major transformation when you dressed her up….her face is beautiful….the dress is the reason why im still not ordering her….but after your transformation…ill buy her….n sell the dress in ebay for 20 USD

  4. Sandra said

    Your enhancement of this Silkstone makes her all the better! Still need to pick one up!

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