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Your “Valentine’s Day” Barbie

Posted by helen on February 13, 2013

“The 2013 Valentine’s Day spending survey, conducted by BIGinsight, shows a slight increase in expected sales this year with the average person planning to spend $130.97 on candy, cards, flowers and gifts”

So, Barbie Collector decided its a great day to release some new dolls when consumers are ready to spend.   $139 sounds not bad,  in order to grab all the money you have in your pocket, they increased the Tribal Beauty from $100 to $125 right before it hits the shelf on Valentine’s Day, $125 plus shipping & sales tax,  it would be $146.76 if I order her,   I need to go on subway trains and beg for some $$ if I want her badly.  Luckily,  I don’t want her.

the Luncheon Ensemble ($50), cocktail dress ($75), “Barbie & Midge 50th Anniversary”  ($75) Barbie & Midge doll double carrying case ($45) will also be released tomorrow.  please pray they wont raise the price on Luncheon, as I really want to order her. lol

I guess many dolls are not in stock,  they just want you to “preorder”.  since they  have used these Mock-ups at  toy fair, how can you expect these dolls are in stock?  like the Cocktail doll,  most likely, she is not in stock.   the Batman & Catwoman have  already been  up on the website for you to order, but they do NOT have the dolls.   “preorder” “pre-sale”, how much do you like it?

2 Responses to “Your “Valentine’s Day” Barbie”

  1. Sandra said

    I hate when the prices go higher but I don’t mind the preorders. I like that my card is not charged until the doll ships. Since everything including dolls is getting so expensive, I’m finally being a bit more selective in my purchases. I’ll probably pass on Tribal Beauty for now. If there is a good sale, I’ll pick her up. If she sells out I’d be ok with that. I plan to get Luncheon Ensemble and Cocktail Dress in the future so I hope the prices don’t go up and that these dolls will be around for a bit.

    • dollsaga said

      everyone hates to see price go up, I just read how angry some BFC people are. I dont like preorder, although they dont charge credit card until the doll become available, they have this “Pre-authorization hold” placed in your account, it will be dropped if the payment is not cleared within 5 days. If you use a credit card and have a sufficient credit line, you wont feel a thing, but if you use a debt card, it will tie up the fund, you can not use the fund within its “holding period”. my other concern is, when you place an order for variety items, if some are backordered, your card will be charged for a few times when items become available. Mistakes happen. As we all know, BC has lots “system glitches”. it happened to me before, when they ship the backorders, they repeadedly charged the already-shipped items, so when I got the cc statement, it was like I paid for 10 dolls but I only received 4 dolls in total. I called them up, yes, I received a fund, but was told the SALES tax wasnot refundable. My understanding was the person who did refund didnt know how to refund the sales tax. as every computer sales system has the feature to allow you refund sales tax if the item was not shipped or was returned. so I ended up paying Sales Tax for the Items I did NOT purchase. I found them lame on this one, they could send me a check or give a store credit if they didnt know how to do it in their computer system!!

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