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Toy Fair 2013

Posted by helen on February 12, 2013

The Toy Fair has been the talk of the town,    I made my trip to the fair  this afternoon,

As I explained before, this is an industry show,  I wear a “buyer” Pass,  not “Press”, so taking photos on a vendor’s booth is not allowed, and I dont break rules.

but I am sure you have seen photos on internet,

here are the Collector Barbie Dolls I saw:

1. Happy Holidays 2013   There is no prototype dolls, only a  cut-out picture the box,   the doll is a blonde Mackie, I did not see AA version.  she  wears a white/silver spaghetti strap ball gown with sparkling snowflakes, very wintry  “25th Anniversary” was printed on the top center of the box

2. Catwoman & Batmen  No dolls were shown, carboard Mock-ups only— 2 blurry cutouts in the boxes

3. Roman Holidays Hepburn doll:   No prototype,  only a picture cutout in the box,  wholesale price $27 , but big quantitiy buyers may get it at $15,  anyway, the retail price should be from $34-$49

4. Sabrina  Audrey Hepburn   Again, Mattel did not have a doll for buyers to see,  just a cutout image in the box.  

4. wizard of oz dolls are alos Mock-up only, no protpyes at the show. lol –yes, I m feeling funny that buyers spend money and time flying in to see blurry picture cut-outs.

5.  Barbie & Midge: this set if for real, 2 dolls are dolls, not cutouts. lol

6. Barbie Looks

there are 2 city shoppers. also shown pictures only, not prototype dolls.    One doll wears black mini dress, the other is in white.  I think one is mackie face, the other is Lara.   One photographer took  a pictue of the “pictures” lol, you can visit her flicker page here:   http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8238/8462996799_80ecdd1462_h.jpg

7. Dolls of the world   Pictures of the United Kingdom, Canada & Morocco  are displayed, no prototype dolls. Morocco & Canada  are similar to their old versions.  You have seen UK & Canada before, the Morcocco doll’s dress is very much like the old one, only the pattern mixed in some green color. so its gold/green/red. the old one was gold/red only, right? and her facemold is same as the old one, she has dark skin & an open mouth.

8. Silkstone: Luncheon Ensemble is the only one stands still on the shelf.  lonely, isnt she?

9. the twilight dolls are also on display. but you have seen them everywhere in the store.

Barbie collecor takes a little space at the show, Monster high dolls have a large section, larger than Barbie.  since I am not into the monsters, I cant tell you what’s what.  but you can check them out here: http://toyfair13.asmzine.com/gallery/mattel/monster-high/index.html

this time mattel has its booths separated from other vendors, it occupies the whole Galleria of Javits Center (on 2nd floor).

I also visited Tonner Doll, they only have one booth.  but its more friendly and personal looking, and their displays are beautiful, absolutely no  Mock-ups in the box, all the dolls are well dressed, neatly styled and ready to greet visitors. the staff at the booth are very friendly as well, their business cards show their sense of humor: Jason–creative big-wig, Jack–Chief Money Guy.. lol

they have a line aimed to both kids and collectors, “city girls”,  they wear better outfits than the  Barbie look dolls. but they are 16″ with heels.  http://www.tonnerdoll.com/city-girls?gclid=CJXK-4eAsLUCFUZV4AodhxYAKw

then, I visited MGA  entertainment (Bratz dolls),  too many little things and I dont know where to look,  so I moved on to Madame Alexander dolls, I dont collect them, but I always enjoy looking at them, they have better craftsmanship than Barbie have, their faces are adorable.

after I left the Toy Fair, I stopped by the Barbie House at Times Square.  it has always been a nice place to visit.  the 2nd floor is closed for remodeling:


10 Responses to “Toy Fair 2013”

  1. Lubo said

    Wow, Helen thank you.:) Have Morocco had smiley face or closed mouth? And thank you for info about faces of The Barbie Look.:)

    • dollsaga said

      Morocco has the same face as the old version, she has an open mouth.

      • Lubo said

        Thank you. So she is 1987 Christie, I love when Mattel uses faces which are not common in current collections.:)

      • dollsaga said

        at least, based on picture, she has the crhistie face. but sine they only show a picture, they can make any changes they like. that picture can be a product of Photoshop. I dont understand why they dont want to show dolls, but only pictures?

  2. dollsaga said

    why Mattel doesnt want to show Prototype dolls is hard for me to understand. they must have the prototypes, since we were offered sneak peeks on BFC board . are they afraid of commercial spying?– it doesnt make much sense to me. They did not display silkstone dolls except for Luncheon ensembles. its just ridiculous that buyers fly hundreds of miles to see blurry pictures, I remember Mattel has $5,000 minimum on opening orders. if I were a new buyer, it would be hard for me to place a $5,000 order without seeing the details and the quality of the doll. crappy pictures really dont help to tell the craftsmanship. theyse are all blurry, out of focus pictures,. perhaps these are enlargements of LOW resolution pictures. if they only have pictures, perhaps an online sales conference would save both Mattel & buyers time & money. coming to NYC is not cheap. trade shows are not cheap either.

    • Lubo said

      It is very strange. I remember pics from Toy fairs from 2006 to 2011 when Mattel promote their Collector dolls more, there were usually about 80 % prototypes of all collector dolls each year. I loved it. Last year it was so weak and this year is disaster.

    • rnold said

      now its preety obvious that mattel are having roblem w production n making new dolls

      • dollsaga said

        BarbieCollector is doing more & more pre-sales. Besides Luchenon ensembles, the other new dolls are not in stock. Either they have difficulties with production or they wait until they get enough pre-orders to decide the actual production numbers.
        it feels strange that the mannequin (a gift to BFC members) wont get shipped in late July. that’s a long wait since we renewed membership on Feb 6th. the club doll is also backordered.

  3. dollsaga said

    the one & only Fashionista Ken I saw at the Fair has larger head than the current fashionista, I guess its time for me to buy a few fashionista Ken at Target before his head blows up bigger…

    • Lubo said

      I think he was from Life in the Dreamhouse show, also girls from that collection has huge heads. 😦 But their clothes are great.:)

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