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old but new again…

Posted by helen on February 8, 2013

Just Launched in the BC shop:


Dont get tired,  Mattel wants you to celebrated The 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”. I have never bought a single doll from this collection, I dont think I will buy any of these 3, but if the Glinda goes down to $10, she would be great for OOAK projects.

“Dolls of the World” Series will have 2 additions up for adoption:


Not sure why they feel the need to give the old Miss Canada a twin sister?   Wait!  She is not a sister but  a daughter:

2. UK

the UK doll looks like a simplified Burberry. Burberry wears very detailed clothes made of quality materials, lined coat, and nice accessories… , Miss UK wears a cheap knitted dress with the simplest cut, a trench coat without any details, not even 2 faux pockets.

I think  the designers of DOW are not inspired,  the focus should be “cultures” not “costumes”. I love WikiAnswer said:  ” There is no national dress in Canada. Canada prides itself on being a Multi-Cultural Nation, This means that when you immigrate to Canada you bring your national dresses”  … serious, a maple-leaf dress perhaps is more interesting than this recycled uniform from decades ago. see these 2:

Queen Elizabeth’s Maple leaf dress:

Pinned Image

or the Modern one:

The Winter storm is hitting NYC hard,  we are in 3 level snow emergency. although TV news say “all the shows will go in”, I doubt I would like to walk into 14″ snow  and visit the Toy Fair,  only if the road is clear  and all the buses are running on Monday, I’ll go to take a peek. but based what we see, I dont expect to see anything “stunning” or “shocking”.  These OZ & DOW doll make me fall asleep.


3 Responses to “old but new again…”

  1. Lubo said

    I hope we will see soon Morocco doll from DOTW.:) She was announced with Canada and the UK.:)

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