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It’s All Here, 2013 BFC dates and details inside

Posted by helen on February 1, 2013

if you have not receivedd the mail regarding 2013 Barbie Fan Club membership, here it is:


I think I will renew, as I want that $80 discount and the opportunities to buy a few club dolls.

22 Responses to “It’s All Here, 2013 BFC dates and details inside”

  1. bubblehunt said

    Hello Hellen, I’ve been a reader of your blog for a few months but have never posted anything. I really enjoy reading your blog for the unpretentious view points as well as the helpful news updates. I’m not in the BFC right now but am considering of joining. Do you know if we will get the first quarter discount right away as soon as we join?

    • dollsaga said

      thank you for visiting my blog. lol

      if you enjoy the BFC club, your first quarter reward should be kick in really quick. usually it takes about 1-2 days for your reward to kick in, but not longer than one week.

      yes, join the club, if your doll spendings are over $200 per year, you should join.

      • bubblehunt said

        Ok I just joined today. I hope I get the reward soon so I can get the boater silkstone. Do you think it will sell out before then?

      • dollsaga said

        oh, Great! Welcome to BFC! You can try to order Boater tomorrow to see if the $20 reward shows up in your shopping cart. Its important that you log in to your “Shop” Account before you add items to your shopping cart. Boater will not sold out immediately, but she will sold out, if you can, order her ASAP .I can not tell how fast she will run out, it all depends on eBay sales. so you can also check eBay to see how many sellers are selling her, usually, these sellers have multiple BFC accounts. its sad that the eBay sellers have more selling power than BarbieCollector itself, believe me, without eBay, BarbieCollector can’t survive. and the doll price will go up more.

      • bubblehunt said

        Wow you reply so fast! My username on BFC is also bubblehunt. What’s yours? Last year, I bought from ebay the afternoon suit for $120. I didn’t know about BFC then. You will have to tell me more about ebay sellers. Do they get it for even cheaper?

      • dollsaga said

        my username on BFC is Cenilla. I am very quiet on BFC.

        No, eBay sellers dont get cheaper price, they pay BC as much as everyone else does. Each household is allowed to have 2 BFC accounts, eBay sellers would ask friends and family members for help and use their names to open multiple BFC accounts to buy club dolls.

        if eBay sellers dont buy these dolls, it will take forever for BFC to sell them out the dolls. Many club dolls would have to be destoryed by the end of the club years if they do not sell. but once ebay sellers get involved, everything goes out fast. Many eBay sellers ship internationally, so they can reach customers BC shop can not reach. and many shoppers didnt know about BFC but they do know eBay, they buy from eBay sellers, too.

        many people on BFC are very negative about eBay sellers, however, I hold very different opinions. I believe eBay sellers helped Mattel to reach unreachables and speed up turnovers, they have expended Barbie Collectible dolls Market in a way walmart & TRU can not do. Without eBay, Barbie Collector sales will drop by 30%. that will certainly make Barbie struggle hard to survive. when market shrinks, the production numbers will have to go down, but the unit cost will go up, so will the prices.

        Sellers are very different, some are just selling off the dolls they are no longer interested in, some resell on ebay just only for proftitable purposes. Most eBay sellers are very fair, understand business rules and act very profesionally. but there are scum bags, too–that’s how the world is, ebay just a reflection of it.

        Before I started collecting Barbie, I didnt have anything to do with eBay, my friends and I believed NYC had everything under the sun, we didnt need to go on ebay, we only needed to ride subways. But Barbie Changed my perspectives and opened up a whole new wrold. now I love buying & selling on ebay, 90% of my dolls were purchased from eBay, and I often need to sell off my extra dolls since I have limited spaces. I started practicing this new rule since 2011: if I buy a new doll, then, I must sell off an old one, so I can have enough living space for myself. Now I want to sell off most of my vinyl dolls and only keep silkstone dolls. I dont have the energy to put all of them on ebay right now, its a lot of work. eBay charges 10% to 12% final value fee both on merchandise & shipping, Paypal charges 3%, so selling on eBay is quite expensive, it discourages a lot of people from selling on eBay. I would not buy a club doll just for the purpose of resale, but if I see its price tripled and I have the doll in my closet, I would sell it without blinking an eye. 😀 lol why not? so I can move on to buy new dolls. my favorite club doll is Gal on the Go, I bought an extra Ekaterina & Afternoon Suit form eBay b/c their prices were lower than I paid BC shop.

        one thing I like Barbie is: she always leads me to discover new things, and observe the world from different perspectives. life is full of surprises.

        here is another post related to eBay “if Barbie is a good investment”: https://dollsaga.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/is-barbie-a-good-investment/

      • bubblehunt said

        Wow how can you get Afternoon Suit lower than BC shop? I never find any deals on ebay! I have to go to sleep. I will reply more tomorrow. Believe it or not when I came across your blog a few months ago, I read all your archived posts all the way back in 2007 hehe so yes I have read that one already ;P

      • dollsaga said

        That’s the beauty of eBay, millions of people are selling, some sell their trash as treasure, some sell their treasure as trash. Not so long ago a gentleman sold all of his late wife’s silkstone (NRFB) at $19.99, I didnt notice his listing until I searched for complete listings. I wish I had grabbed that “a model’s life” at $19.99.

      • dollsaga said

        there was a couple times the Plam beach Honey club doll was down to $50. since I had to pay Sales Tax both on merchandise & shipping, so buying from Bc isnt often cheap, eBay is tax free in most cases, some sellers offer free shipping. For example, I bought Ekaterina $99.99 from ebay (Tax & shipping free), how much I paid BC? ($99.95+$8.95)x1.0875%=$118.43. I would comb eBay when I really need a doll and I am patient, I can wait. the prices go up and down on ebay all the time.

  2. bubblehunt said

    You have to tell me how to find the deals on ebay. Most of my ebay purchases are average price. I never get the deal lol. I saw my reward today the $20 discount. I added boater to my cart, but the discount puts my purchase down to $65 so I won’t get the free shipping. Which should I get the cocktail or luncheon? Which do you think will go on sale later?

    The week after I bought the 2012 silkstones from ebay, they went on sale at the regular store for 40% off. That really upset me lol

    • dollsaga said

      take your time and be patient. if you dont find it today, it will come along tomorrow. you can also set up search alert, let ebay send you alerts when there are new listings for the dolls you are looking for. sometimes it take a year to find the doll you like at affordable prices. so time is your best friends.

      • bubblehunt said

        I like to think I am patient but years for a doll? Not THAT patient 🙂 did you buy the new silkstones yet? I got boater and cocktail. I wonder if cocktail will go on sale later. I’m obsessed about buying as cheap as possible because there are so many barbies I want lol Did you ever trade with people in BFC? I have a few I want to sell on eBay to consolidate my collection but selling seems like a big hassle.

      • dollsaga said

        Sometimes, it does take years for a collector to get the dolls he wants. Time brings miracles. but everyone is different, some people like to “get it fast”, and some prefer to wait until the right price comes.

        As a collector, I am not the Passionate type, I dont run fevers for the dolls. There is no “Must-have” for me, I can live without any dolls. I focus on the fun & knowledge doll-collecting brings me, not which dolls I am missing.

        The way I apprasie dolls perhaps is different from other collectors. many collectors pay high price for the rareness, what I look in a doll is craftsmanship. how much skills & time it takes to make the doll? if it is what an Amateur sewer or OOAKer can easily make duplicates, then, I dont pay high price for it. The 2001 Barbie Convention doll ” Queen of the Prom (Aqua)” listed for $5,000 on ebay (I did see one person paid this much), Ito me, she is worth no more than $19.99, I would not want her even she is $16.99– its exactly a case of “one’s trash, the other’s treasure”.

        I have Traded dolls with a couple of BFC members, I remeber trading my Lisette for “stunning in the spotlight”, a member purchased this doll at her local walmart store at low price but with a damaged box, since I debox dolls, so I dont mind.

        keep this in mind, there are risks when you trade with BFC members. Trading with BFC members are NOT safer than trading with members from other internet groups. BFC is not responsible for your losses, you trade on your own risk.

        I perfer to sell off my dolls online than use the fund to buy new dolls, its safer & easier. I sold 2 older dolls on Amazon then bought 2 Luncheon Ensemble dolls from BarbieCollector Amazon charges 16% commissions, it is a lot, but Amazon has great traffic and its a safe place to trade.

        eBay is offering Free Fixed Price listings from February 17–21. you can take this opportunity to list on eBAy for free. if you use “immediate paypment required” feature, you’ll get payment right away and dont have to deal with non-payers.

        Collecting can be a lot of work & hassle, its not always fun-filled.

  3. bubblehunt said

    How does shipping work? How do you calculate how much shipping to charge? I read about the shipping info on ebay but it’s complicate and I’m confused. I don’t want to overcharge for shipping but I don’t want to pay for shipping either.

    I’m not creative and cannot make any outfits like you so I do not know how to judge about craftsmanship. I do have a few dolls that I don’t really like, but I got them because they are part of a set. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t done that. It’s a constant struggle 🙂

    • dollsaga said

      you can have ebay automatically calculate shipping for you. enter the weight when you list your item, eBay will do the rest based on buyers’ locations. so you need a scale to weight your package. you can also use flat rate, go to usps.com to see all the postage rates

      eBay charges 9% Final values fee on Shipping, so be careful what you charge. the more you charge buyer, the more ebay charges you. I just saw an auction for Muffy Robert Barbie, the crazy seller charges $25 shipping, seller is in NJ, it costs less than $6 to ship the doll from her place to mine via priority. The seller stated she would give a refund if the actual shipping is lower than what she charged, but why would she make simple things so complicated and pay more to eBay? eBay will charges the seller $2.25 if she charges the buyer $25, (plus Final value fee on merchandise) eBay will not give her $2.25 refund even she gives a partial refund to the buyer.

      you will need to read eBay rules and understand the fees before you start selling. http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html

      eBay’s community board is a great help, you can get your questions answered by very wise eBayers there. http://forums.ebay.com/category/Ebay-Discussion-Boards/2001

      • bubblehunt said

        We must be looking at the same seller. I’m eyeing her day at the races with $25 shipping hehe I probably will not bid on it if it gets too high. I have today off and I was checking ebay constantly but decided to take a nap and missed a BIN for a 2002 BFMC accessory pack for $30 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • dollsaga said

        I paid $65 for the Muffy Robert at Barbie Convention 2 years ago, I also used my $20 Visa Gift card on her, so my net payment was $40.

        I usually dont bid on items with high shipping, for whatever reason the sellers need to set high shipping, they look like unfair people, or they have less knowledge about eBay rules, so it may be very hard to deal with them if problems occur during the transaction. this particular seller charges as high as $45 shipping & handling for a n*de/loose doll, 10 times more than actual shipping. it makes her one of the most expensive sellers on eBay, and I doubt her service matches up her handling. I have purchased perhaps nearly 1,000 dolls from eBay, NONE of the sellers charged more than $16 shipping (including insurance) even some NRFB dolls came with big boxes

      • dollsaga said

        hmm, did you win her?

      • bubblehunt said

        No my budget for her was $110. It went way too high.

      • dollsaga said

        hurry up buy Gala Gown, she is $79.99 on AMAZON now, with free shipping. I emailed you, Since you are using Yahoo! mail, I bet my mail has gone to your trash can, Yahoo! Mail isnt friendly with me.

  4. bubblehunt said

    Wow $40 for a muffy is a steal! Do you think that silkstones prices have gone up? I’ve only started collecting barbies since late 2011 but didn’t start collecting silkstones until 2012. I know I overpaid for many of them.

    BTW, I’m loving the BFC forum. They are an awesome bunch!

    • dollsaga said

      well, the $20 Visa Gift Card was not really free, as I always buy back gifts to friends who give gifts. but $65 for Muffy Robert is reasonable. her price goes up and down on eBay, actually her price was lower than $65 on eBay at the time I bought her at Convention.

      most of my silkstones are from eBay, I believe the average prices I paid are much lower than their regular prices listed on BarbieCollector. I remember buying Red Moon at $19.99 plus $10 shipping. Millions of sellers sell on eBay, finding a couple of good deals isnt a hard thing at all.

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