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Silkstone luncheon & cocktail

Posted by helen on January 14, 2013

its already 2013, these 2 are expecting to hit the shelf soon. Perhaps I’ll go to the Toyfair and check them out.

upcoming dolls  like this and this are really not my things. so perhaps I’ll just buy all the silkstones,   their qualities are better than others.   I have just deboxed “pink in Pantone doll”,  I cant believe the doll wears 2 different shoes. one shoe has black strap, the other has white strap,  and the black letters on the shoes “Panton 219c” are all blurred.  that’s the quality a $49 doll offers, it sucks big time!


9 Responses to “Silkstone luncheon & cocktail”

  1. desu singh bohra said

    What are you telling global glamour barbie is one of 2013 hit barbie she will be like mermaid just in and out of stock her sneak peak pictures are not that much good but when she comes to bc you will be the one who say she is gorgeous .

  2. dollsaga said

    let people who love her have her, it doesnt matter to me how much others like her, she is not my cup of tea. you should not expect everyone to like every doll you like. its the differences between people make the market alive. “gorgeous” is your word, I would like to quote a Fashion commentator’s 3 words: “tacky as shit” –It says exactly what I wanted to say.

  3. rnold said

    both dolls are nice

  4. Aisha said

    I love the Cocktail dress Silkstone – I dont think Ive ever been excited about a silkstone like this in a long time ! She is a step in the right direction ! Gorgeous – finally a silkie I wont have to steal the outfit from since both the doll and dress look perfect. You are correct about the Mattel’s ponytails – they are always so perfect,secure and tight. I also really love their bubble cuts – just not the one on the Liz silkies.

    Im not too thrilled with the one wearing the floral dress – the concept looks good, and I love the retro screening and hairstyle. Im just not thrilled with the fabric of choice – Ive seen some IRL pictures of her and the dress looks cheaply made to me – Im not too wild about flower on top of the turban either ! I only liked the flowers on Delphine if I recall. Im pretty sure you can make something better – everything is perfect, but I really hate the shiny fabric they chose.

    The Linda doll is an abomination ! I get that there may be collectors who love her – but to me, everything seems like those over priced OOAKs on ebay that stay months without being purchased – Too big of a scale, too gold, too much mixed prints, too much of everything really. I really like the doll herself though, she seems to have a nice sculpt and screening ?

    I actually really like the Barbie and Midge set ~ I do not care for Midge at all (Never liked her in any of her incarnations.. maybe when she was a rocker) but barbie with her american girl hair cut and cute pink dress looks adorable..plus that vintage case they come in is very hard to resist ! I dont feel comfortable buying actual vintage dolls – so these repros are more than good enough for me – Im hoping Mattel reproduces the fashion boutique and Little theatre in the future

    • dollsaga said

      not sure if The Pink luncheon Ensemble was inspired by this Vintage Balmain CockTail Dress set, this coat was tailored much better:

      Linda’s doll caused a storm on BFC, someone said the doll was ugly, many angry Mobs bashed this poor girl who said so. Gee, so what? I wouldnt mind if anyone calls me “ugly”, its just an opnion. besides, people who tell you their true feelings are more sincere than these who like apple-polishing. “criticism” is a dirty word in these days.

      I forgot if Barbie/Midge set comes with that Doll Carrying Case, perhaps its sold separately, b/c the price would be too high if bundled together, I’ll check that out later, only I m sure I wont buy this set unless the price goes down by 75%. lol

  5. Timothy said

    i had a sneak preview of another 2 silkstone of this year. I am so impressed. They are truly beautiful.

  6. Timothy said

    and one with fascinator right?

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