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Pink Friday

Posted by helen on November 23, 2012

Barbie Collectors online store offers 20% on everything that’s available in the store.

Discount Code: PNKFRI2012     (good for Today only)

Although it says “offer excludes club dolls”,  we all know club dolls are often  included in the sales.  Either the person who sets up the sales in the system has never learned how to do it right, or the person who writes the Sales Terms follows the same templates and never changes the term “Offer excludes club dolls”  —b/c I always get club dolls at discounted prices.  This time no exceptions,  I ordered Fuchsia N Fur Francie.

Another strange thing, when I got my eMail Confirmation, the total amount showed 40% off, not 20% off. then,  I checked my “Order Status” on BC website and the pre-authorization amount held in my CC Account, it is 20% off, not 40%, so BC store system screwed up again!  😦


7 Responses to “Pink Friday”

  1. Scott said

    I think that is why I am NOT going to order. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get a discount to work. Plus everything I want is backordered to about the same time as when Blonds’ Diamond is released from backorder.

    • dollsaga said

      BC makes mistakes all the time. I’d be surprised if BC did everything right this time. lol but 40% off would be nice, well, no luck on this one since the credit card charges showed right amount..

    • dollsaga said

      I agree its silly that you need to click the email link to get the discount. many people didnt know and got frustrated. the promo code showed up during my check-out process.. why not giving out the promo code upfront to save everyone’s trouble, or no promo at all like other stores do on Black Friday

  2. rnold said

    i remember years back that BC do a weeklong sale for thanxgiving……but now not even dreamsale happend???????? as in no dreamsale this year…….is it something to do w the huricane…or BC is losing its sales at all…..

    • dollsaga said

      It has nothing to do with the Hurricane, but with its inventory.

      I think BC learned from the past, now it doesnt overstock dolls, you may have noticed many dolls sold out quickly when other websites or dealers still have them, like violet eyes, party dress, Tim Gumm dolls. when they dont have “leftovers”, they dont need to offer discounted sales.

      Production numbers of Collectible dolls have noticeably reduced this year, for example, the silkstone dolls are no longer have a large edition of 10, 500, instead, its ranged from 3,800 to 5,800 pcs. so the dolls are sold out faster than before.

      Another reason, more and more people buy from BC to resell them on eBay, it moves inventory qucikly from BC’s warehouse to eBay seller’ homes, when the “haunted beauty” went on sale, I saw more than 247 dolls on eBay!

      All of these helped BC to survive without Dream Sales.

      • dollsaga said

        many suggested Using Google Chrome or other browers. The CS reps said the site was crushed and they shut everything down, if that was the case, whichever browers you used wouldnt have helped

        I use IE and have no problems with it. Most websites are designed to be best viewed with IE. if you have trouble with IE, perhaps your own computer settings (firewalls, cookies, etc) have prevented some Javascripts from running smoothly. you need to adjust security & privacy settings –even its “ttemporarily” , you have to “trust” the site and “let your guard down”—you can always set your security bars high again after your orders are placed.

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