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When Barbie was $9.99

Posted by helen on August 29, 2012

I am shipping this doll to someone, before letting her go, I took these 2 pictures of her

she was retailed for $9.99 around 2005  before I started collecting Barbie, so I purchased her on eBay for $16,  and paid $6 priority shipping,  it was still very reasonable price if you compare to the “new looks”  series.

Take a look at this doll’s clothes, handbag & accesories. (oh, she wears a pair of striped socks  that matches her cap), they are very detailed and  well made. not like the new look dolls–offer nothing more than a simple-cut knitted dress.

Barbie was originally sold at $3.00 in 1959, after nearly 5  decades, she was still $9.99 but with more detailed trendy clothes.  Then, she made a giant leap last year, the prices suddenly went up sky-rocketed.  Tim gunn dolls, Barbie look dolls….  is $30 too much? I wondered what happened, how the price  tripled in a couple of years but the quality cant keep up? Mattel has moved production from China to Indonesia, I suppose the labor cost is lower.

Expensive or inexpensive?  it depends on your financial status. A german designer is selling brown paper lunch bag for $290 each,  the mad men actresse’s little handbag cost $24,000, and.. Clint Eastwood’s daughter burnt $100,000 handbag   so.  $150 for a Barbie doll is nothing?


7 Responses to “When Barbie was $9.99”

  1. Scott said

    I know can you believe it. The whole line of Fashion Fever from 2005 are very well made and looked like real clothes rather than trashy pink stuff that is out today. Too bad they had big head syndrome. The dresses in the play line today are only one sided with the back of the dress being just a piece of one color spandex. Not even a full dress. Look all you got for $10 back then compared to today. That’s why I have all of these dolls.

    • dollsaga said

      I went to a discount store and purchased a couple of more Barbie Basics collection 001 yesterday afternoon, as they seem cheap now –since the new ones are all $29.99 & up.

      The new Basic Look & Tim Gunn dolls are really just “playline” dolls like Fashion Fever with a high price tag.

  2. Lubo said

    I miss Fashion fever. It was great line, they caused my obssesion of buying dolls but nowadays only collector dolls. 😦 I think we need line like SIS are, but with more ethnicieties and faces.:)

    • dollsaga said

      I gave up playline dolls when Fashion Fever discountinued. After FF ended, playline dolls went to a very different direction, they are now aimed to younger markets, like girls at age 3-6. so you see lots pink, glitter, big head, etc… older girls play computer games..

  3. Sandra said

    I tried to collect all the FF line and their outfits. Now I just buy what ever I like or looks good. I probably still buy too much playline but I’m trying to cut back.

    • dollsaga said

      The last playline I purchased was that ballerina Lea with purple eyes. and I gave her a new body, that was it, I did not buy any other playline dolls

  4. Ingrid said

    I never got a FF doll but I totally agree with you. This dolls way so much better and I wish she was a collector doll these days.

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