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something old, something new,

Posted by helen on August 27, 2012

some new dolls were sneak-peeked early today,

dolls of the world, Barbie look, birthday wishes… all the design concepts are really old, but they are new dolls for 2013

if you are a bfc member, you may view this

14 Responses to “something old, something new,”

  1. dollsaga said

    I m not sure if the head mold they used on Spain is one of these playline dolls by the name of Raquelle? until I see the doll IRL, I cant tell. here is how Rquelle looks: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8141/7466698414_e9fbe73450_h.jpg

    • The Spain IS Raquelle. I was a bit disappointed to find yet another France and Spain dolls when Linda Kyaw herself designed the ones from 2007 (Spain) and 2009(France). Those 2 are more interesting IMO. This France couldn’t be more cliched, with the artist’s hat and a basket of croissants (or was it baguettes?) The Spain looks very much like the Andalucia Barbie from 1996.
      Birthday WIshes looks very much like the Tout de Suite in a very dressy dress. Very cute though. I like her..=)
      The Philippines is what I am really looking forward to. A modern yet sophisticated take on the traditional Maria Clara, the national costume of the Philippines.

      • Lubo said

        On other site is writted that Spain is Teen Skipper headmold.:)

      • dollsaga said

        its possible, I really cant tell until I see the doll in real life. the sad news is, whichever head mold she has, I am not buying her.

      • Regardless of the choice of headmold, need to see the doll in real life first before deciding to get her or not. And I notice there are no more animal companions. All the better. I find them to be a redundant piece of plastic accessory..makes them look cheaper than they are…

      • dollsaga said

        I have already decided I am not buying any of DOTW unless prices go down by 50%.

        the “Barbie Look” series absolutely do nothing for me. the fashions are so basic, and the red dress is made of cheap satin. but they will be more than $25.

        everyone has different standards when it comes to fashion. Barbie’s “new looks” are not up to my standard.

        Steffie’s knitted zigzag Missoni dress is rediculously cheap looking, why knitted fabric? b/c its cheap, you can buy 5 lbs for $1.00 and make 200 doll dresses out of it. with that knitted baggy dress, Mbili needs to go on “what not to wear” Reality Show. I heard they are $29.99 each.

        the loud print isnt so bad on sofa

      • Haha, don’t know about the sofa thing, but anyhow I’m not interested in them. Too gaudy and jarring. It hurts my eyes just to see it. Speaking of cheap looking, I do agree on you on that Helen. In fact many dolls recently released by Mattel are like that. Clothes made from course looking fabrics, acetate boxes are very soft it bends with the slightest pressure, and of course, lots of cheap plastic pieces. It looks cheap, and feels cheap as well…Barbie collecting used to be such a classy affair to me, with all the finely made limited editions of old, but nowadays is just disappointing…

      • dollsaga said

        The inspiration was “Missoni for Target”. some people love it. I wouldnt mind if the dress was made of cotton prints or taffeta, but knits? forget about it.

    • Kim Daniels said

      Hi there….. i am a collector in Christchurch, New Zealand….. always love seeing the new pics etc, so thanks for sharing…. I think BC has gone a bit overboard with all the Dolls of the World of late…LOL…… in saying that i do like the Spain doll….LOL and love the new Bill Greening line… in particular love the accessories sets… probably won’t bother with the dolls…. have a great day from Kim 🙂

  2. Lubo said

    Birthday wishes is cute classic Barbie, nothing for me. The Barbie Look dolls are huge dissapointment, they are only 2 and look so much like Basics 2.0 model 3 with 3.0 model 4´s hair and light Mbili is so conventional.:( I love France, finally not can-can dancer, she looks sweet. Interesting info about Spain being Raquelle, I thought she is altered Lara but this is better. 🙂 The Philippines doll is Goddess or I am wrong? Sad news is cancelation of next line of University cheerleaders, atlhough it is not big surprise I was expecting it. I am looking forward to Anniversary Midge doll, I hope she will be redhead with Diva sculpt.:) And what do you, Helen, think about new Twilight Jasper and Rosalie dolls? I think they don´t have any resemble to actors.:(

    • dollsaga said

      I dont think Mattel attempted to make lifelike Twilight dolls to resemble the movie actors’ looks. these are Ken & Barbie as ” Jasper & Rosalie. Someday they will be $12 each on Amazon web and at Walmart. I first thought the Rosalie doll looked pretty, then I saw a picture on a dealer’s website, she has an open mouth, not sure if this is the final product, I prefer she has her mouth closed.

      I only purchased 2 dolls from Twilight Saga, one was Victoria, I got a bunch of her under $12 from BN.com, as I need her pale & ghosty body for some extra doll heads I have. the other one I bought was Bella, she is pretty, her price was also under $14, so I got a couple. oh, wait, I did purchae Jane, too. but I sold her on eBay immediately, as I didnt like her stiff hollow body with non-bendable legs.

      the Twilight male dolls were so unpopular, they went down to $6.80 and still didnt sell, I hope Mattel has reduced the production number on the new dolls, so the stores can avoid such disasters.

      I am not a fan of Twilight Saga, when I buy a doll, that’s only b/c I like her face, not b/c she represents a Twilight character

      • Lubo said

        Ok, I thought that Katniss and Twilight dolls are same case but you are right – Twilight dolls are Barbie / Ken as… , on the other hand Katniss is Katniss doll, not Barbie. Yes, I noticed earlier you are against open mouths. 😀 She is probably Aphrodite. I purchase only first Bella for $10 +$ 5 shipping.:) And I am planning to buy Victoria, I love her hair. I love dolls, not their inspiration, same as you mentioned.:) I think, the problems with both versions of Edward are their skintone and eyecolour. I hope we will see articulated male dolls from Hunger Games franchise, in case they won´t be handsome, the collectors will buy them at least for their bodies.:)

      • dollsaga said

        I can not tell what face the Rosalie doll has, it looks like Mackie with painted-on teeth –Like marilyn monroe doll. but it could be something else, we’ll have to see the doll in person to determine it.

  3. Rnold said

    the phillipines doll is perfect dotw modern n simple filipina…im a filipino and on that account yes she is correct…..the two other doll is really repeat….but i wasnt able to get them last time….i might get them too…though i was expecting france to be something better…birthday wishes seems boring

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