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Fuchsia N Fur

Posted by helen on August 24, 2012

 the doll was supposed to be delivered yesterday. My Mail Carrier couldn’t make it,   he updated the online status as “attempted to deliver at 5:30PM,  customer  was not available,  notice left”  –so I ran to post office to get her this afternoon, they could not find the package at the station,  when I came back, well,   the package was at my door.

the doll’s eyelashes are not rooted symmetrically, one eye has very thick & bushy lashes, the other eye has very thin lashes–it looks alright in the photos, but if you see the doll IRL, you wont like it.   (actually, you still can see they are uneven in the picture below)  I wish she didnt come with these lashes.

Her fashion is very much like the “wild Bunch” Francie   I am just amazed how they repeatedly make the similar outfits and people still buy it without getting bored!

The coat doesnt have snaps, the 2 front panels are stitched together, you will need to cut it open after you debox the doll, her hood closes with velcro closure,   some Vintage lovers hate it.  Perhaps Velcro isnt a good idea to be used here, as  the doll’s  hair &  these  long “furs” can easily stick to the Velcro and causes some damages.


I’ll leave her in the box for now until I figure out what to do with her.


4 Responses to “Fuchsia N Fur”

  1. I was not sure about Fuchsia N Fur Francie? She looks divine in the sketch (don’t they always), but seeing your picture, I do not think a purchase is even necessary. I do love your “Merry Cherry”… did you make this?

  2. Lubo said

    I think she is the best from Silkstone Francies and she is AA.:)

  3. Aisha said

    What I dont like about her is the feet. I really love the screening on the Francie dolls but the lack of shoes is a bother to me lol .. I see Mattel still insists on sewing the clothes on. -_- She is one of the prettier dolls this year though.

    I love Merry Cherry – out of curiosity, have you previously watched a show called “Popular” ? 😄

    • dollsaga said

      No, Aisha, I have not heard the “Popular” show before. lol –I’ll google it up to see what it is.

      Franice’s face mold is lovely. not sure why isnt she very popular. thanks for loving my Merry Cherry.

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