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City Smart?

Posted by helen on August 22, 2012

One of our dolly friends who desperately wants “city Smart” doll got upset when she saw the eBay Listing price of this doll $4,999.99
“I’ll never have this doll” She said.

what I am going to say is: “if you pay $4,999.99 for this doll, then, she is not “city smart” but “city crap””  lol

I don’t say “I will never pay $5,000 for a doll”  –b/c you never know, I may pay high price for a doll ,  but it has to be something extraordinary, not only a smart design, but also its fine craftsmanship is not what amateur crafters can easily duplicate, and I want her to have some real diamond or platinum gold.. lol   “City Smart” isnt such a doll. she is worth no more than $70 based on what she has in her package. I can live happily without her.

here comes my “city girls”

 I made this Dress and I dont know if I should call this color Green or Blue.  “Aqua” for now.


12 Responses to “City Smart?”

  1. Deborah said

    $5000.00 O_O WOW! Here is a question I have… I understand the concept of NRFB…however why on earth would any one bid on a doll that no one bothered to check for possible manufacturing flaws when it arrived!!! Does having it still wrapped in it’s shipping tissue make it THAT much more ‘exclusive’ even if the potential for defects is there?

    NOW, your versions of the dress are AMAZING!!! You’ve done a fabulous job recreating a look in stunning detail, possibly even better than the original! =D

    • dollsaga said

      Debroah, your “O_O” makes me laugh.

      no, “still in shipper or tissue” does not add value to the doll. The seller didnt bother to take a close up picture of the doll actaully will cause problems later, if a scammer purchased this doll then claimed the doll inside the box was not “city Smart” but “Suite Retreat”, this seller would have hard time to even prove he did have “City Smart” doll in the box.

      since the doll is $5,000, I guess some “escrow services” will be involved.. but its more risky for the seller, not the buyer.

      • dollsaga said

        I doubt the doll will be sold at this price, but once upon a time I did see an eBay auction ended at $5,000 for “2001 Barbie Convention Queen of the Prom”, not sure if the seller palyed the game himself, the item was relisted later. That doll is even more a crap. (sorry, one’s trash, the other’s treasure)

        it was all over the internet yesterday that the actress who played Joan Holloway in “mad Men” purchased a little handbag for $25,000.

        a famous movie director’s daughter burned a $10,000 designer handbag to ashes. so there are people who have money, perhaps $5,000 is nothing.

      • Deborah said

        I’m glad I could give you a chuckle!

        The points you make about it being bad for the seller are the things I was thinking as well. For I cannot imagine any buyer in their right mind would spend that much money on an item sight unseen! Thanks for sharing your insight and opinions 🙂

      • dollsaga said

        u r welcome, Deb. the seller doesnt have to worry a thing–as no one will bid on it. there is another auction going on, the price is lower

  2. timishi said

    Helen, love the aqua colour. Nice job! And it goes well with the purple one. 😀

  3. Aisha said

    I am so happy I dont have that collector bug – in which I have to have everything produced. Those prices are crazy ! I will never underestimate the power of the little black dress !

    I remember all the hurt and angry collectors when it was first unveiled.. and when Madison of MH announced he will be getting them in his store and then emailed everyone back a few days later saying he wont be getting any afterall – the drama just flooded the boards !

    Personally – I prefer your version over the Mattel – I especially love that you actually used a metal buckle instead of plastic. She’s just divine and I love how you matched the outfit to her eyeshadow.

    • dollsaga said

      Thank you, Aisha, for telling the history! I was not a Barbie collector when “city smart” was released, so I didnt know anything about how she was distributed. All I knew was people had to pay high prices to get her. I guess collectors pay the price for their passion, not the cost of the doll–it really doesnt cost much to make this doll. the construction of the dress is pretty simple.

      The doll wears my version is “afternoon suit”, her original outfits require much time and skills to make, her production cost should be more than City Smart.

      I personally like a doll that is “hard to make”, not “hard-to-find”.

  4. Tawna said

    I can say without hesitation that I will NEVER buy a doll for $5,000, no matter how much I’d like to have it. The most I’ve ever paid is $250 and that’s about as high as I’d ever go. No, there are far more important things in life to spend that kind of money on.

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