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Stunner or blunder –Presale

Posted by helen on August 3, 2012

The Blonds Blond Diamond™ Barbie® Doll is now on “pre-sale”, you may pre-order her, she will arrive at your door in  December to join your holiday celebration


Presale, Presale, BC does it again & again, more & more often!  Mattel is acting like small Etsy Crafters who do “Made-to-order” now.  Guess it would help them to avoid overstocks. 

  hope  the Pre-sale helps her to avoid being a stumbler like louboutin Barbie.  her dress is not removeable,   all the “sequins”,  “diamonds”  & “glitters” look like “glue-ons” & “spray-ons”.   Such  craftsmanships & simple garment constructions dont  qualify her to wear a price tag of $125.   she is a pass for me.


Some Updates from BFC: (Aug 7, 2012)

There’s been some questions and confusions regarding the availability of the new Blond Diamond Barbie Doll.

Blond Diamond is currently availalble only through Barbie Collector catalog/by phone and the BC.com Shop (as you all well know). A limited quantity will also be available at FAO Schwarz New York later this year. For this reason, the doll is not officially a BC direct exclusive, and we are referring to it as officially “Hard to Find”. But at this time, the only official channels for Blond Diamond are the BC.com shop and catalog.



41 Responses to “Stunner or blunder –Presale”

  1. timishi said

    I ordered 2 because I love it so much. Hehe

  2. timishi said

    Helen, you not getting her?

    • dollsaga said

      no, she is not for me.

      According to mattel, her production number would be 5,100, but I m guessing the number is flexible, it would depend on how many orders Mattel receives this month. That’s what “presales” for. if no one orders her, she wont be in production, if 10,000 people order her, then, 10,000 would be made, she is a Gold label, the production number falls between 5,000-25,000

      • Timothy said

        that means they are not honest. How u get the production number?
        Sure will have people who loves her. I ordered 2.

  3. Rnold said

    i like it…….but the dress is not removable….but ill get her though

  4. dollsaga said

    here are what others think of her: http://tinyurl.com/ccrgkag


    • Rnold said

      its all mixed reactions w the doll…anyway the flaw i see on this doll is that the cotumes are fixed…and other doll wont be able to wear her fashion..wel thats the sad part…

  5. Alrunia said

    LOL in the first promo picture on BC.com she has a lazy eye something bad. I’m guessing that’s just the prototype or a bad angle but her eyes are staring off into different directions. :]

  6. chicovintage said

    Hi There Helen!
    Needless to say how much i love your wonderful blog and how sharp and accurate your comments are. I really appreciate your opinion. If you look closely (i know it will freak you out) the dress is a stiff piece of cheap plastic (incredible for a doll of this price). I wonder how will it look in some years time… Anyhow, as a cold, even heartless business woman, i think you should consider the option of buying her, it looks like it will be a hit. But mama always knows best, LOL.

  7. timishi said

    I will try to sew one myself

  8. timishi said

    Helen, can I show you my own version of blond diamond after I fInIsed? Lol. U can comment on it. Hehe. But I do not know how to post pic here

  9. timishi said

    Helen, does silkstone body smaller than basic Barbie?

  10. kt said

    boo I would rather get hope diamond doll or tim gun style 2 than this ugly doll who sold out she 3 seconds

    • dollsaga said

      sold out? she is not sold out yet

      • kt said

        I mean that I would rather have those dolls instead of blonde dimond who I think is ugly and probably poorly made in my even if she is an popular

      • dollsaga said

        she is not as popular as Mattel thought she should be. but now they offer Buy More Save More, you can have $20 off if you buy her now, so that makes her price $105. which should help her to sell out sooner.

      • dollsaga said

        OMG, KT, another seller (he may be the same seller you mentioned under different eBay ID) steals my photo for his auction, too. I think I encounted this person before, his ID was “Barbieland” soemthing, he stole my Barbie Loves Benetton photos, too. eBay sellers boysandtoys4511 also steal my photos for his auctions.

  11. luis m. said

    hi . hey im guy love outfit on some like aliengod that just came out & sold so fast. but i collect them for my princess & she only 4yr but she love them but i say its not to play so i got her some barbie for the store & she dressin them & play tooo. maybe it will couse alot $$$ the time she could sell them to good barbie loving.

  12. Aisha said

    I have no idea why Mattel insists on turning off collectors. This doll had a huge shot at becoming this years best seller.

    The OOAKs made some time ago were stunning – real swarovski, actual studs & big beautiful hair. They honestly, to me, were the best barbie has ever looked. I understand they had to be stunners since they had a bigger budget.

    Biggest mistakes ? Non removable plastic outfit. Keyword plastic. Even if they didnt want to use swarovski, they could have compensated with using swarovski like elements or something like Crystal Jubilee’s outfit. The whole plastic outfit is just insulting with that price point, it reminds me of the metallic pink power ranger I had as a kid. Glitter shoes.. they could have used the same plastic to mold jewels into the shoes rather than just going the easier way of glitter shoes.

    The doll herself is beautiful and the curls look gorgeous (heres hoping its not gelled into a helmet like that bond barbie’s curls)

    She has no play value – a statue (Which to me, defeats the purpose of a doll – Im very hands on)

    • dollsaga said

      believe or not, Aisha, a removeable dress wouldnt help her to become best seller of the year. Both empress of aliens and goddess of the galaxy have non-removeable costums, they sold out fast. this blonde diamond suits a very specific groups interests, but she is not for mass market.

  13. timishi said

    Helen, this is my version

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